Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Harper: 21 Months

 Get ready for photos galore!!!!

This little lady is 21 months old!

Height/weight: No idea :) Next Dr appt isn't until her TWO YEAR checkup!

Health: I'm not even commenting on this one...we've noticed a pattern haven't we?

Clothes: Comfortably in a 2T with some 3T's sprinkled in here and there

Sleep: Big Girl Bed SUCESS!!! Every time we head into a transition I hold my breath, cross my fingers, expect the worst and pray for the best.  Let me tell you little girl surpassed my wildest expectations!!  I think the biggest part of our success was that we have a very set nap and bedtime routine.  She knows what to expect and because of that when we put her down it was business as usual and it didn't seem to matter that it was in a different bed.  When we showed it to her for the first time she was very excited and couldn't wait to test it out.  From the beginning she's been told that the bed is only for sleeping so we don't let her up there to play and also that when she wakes up she has to call for one of us to come get her.  Miracle of miracles we haven't experienced any Houdini action as of yet but we'll see if that changes once she's able to get up on the bed on her own.
This is MINE??

Milestones: Her vocabulary is really starting to take off! We haven't quite progressed to using alot of phrases yet but her use and recognition of new words is amazing!  She has always been a lover of Pixar movies (who isn't?) but we've noticed recently that instead of simply watching parts of the movie she reacts to them.  If it's funny she laughs, scary she hides, when the prince kisses the princess she smooches whoever is lucky enough to be close by.  It's hilarious to watch.  
She's also developing quite a sense of humor... When she is given something if she doesn't say/sign Thank You on her own I prompt her with "What do you say?" she'll typically respond with "Nah New" (thank you) so I follow up with "Thank you mama?" and without fail she'll laugh and say "No daddy!" If I ask again "No! Thank you mama?" She gives me a deep belly laugh and says "NO! Thank you Dada!"   21 months old and she's got jokes....

Baby gear love:  Our idea of baby gear these days is a sand bucket to collect rocks on our daily walks but I can say that Harper is fascinated with the baby gear that is slowly coming up out of the basement and being set up around the house.  There has been a different doll in the rock n play every day this week.  She's going to be awfully upset when they are evicted when Bruce gets here :)
Nana bought this for Bruce but Harper thought she should maybe break it in for him :)
We don't go anywhere without our backpack these days.

Outtings:  We've been to the East End Beach (Harper LOVES the dogs!!) 

 Deering Oaks playground and bridge where Shaun and I had our wedding pics taken

Daily walks to the pond below our house to look for frogs and other creepy crawly things

Mabel I Wilson playground

 Of course we took some time to stop and smell the roses daisies

First trip to the DENTIST!!! She wasn't so keen on them sticking their hands in her mouth....until they offered her a shiny new toothbrush, after that they were BFF's

The Easter Bunny came to visit!! He didn't bring me any candy but I got lots of other fun stuff!!

Diapers: Still size 5 pampers, no changes there

Diet:  Still hit or miss depending on the day but we're having many more hits than misses as of lately (knock on wood).  I've found that she's more apt to eat the food in front of her if it's in interesting shapes.  Maybe it seems silly to some but I'm willing to take the two minutes to use her sandwich cutter if it means she'll eat it.   I've mentioned before that I'm not going to force her to eat.  My pediatrician (as well as Shaun and I) strongly believe that if she's hungry she will eat BUT that little bugger will sometimes turn down food (something nutritious) and ask for something else (something delicious)  Not that I can blame her, I want animal crackers over a hamburger sometimes too but sorry little girl that's not going to fly.  She's at an age where I can reason with her in the "one more bite department" so when I notice she's up to these shenanigans and legitimately not declining all food I ask her "Do you want animal crackers? Yes? Ok one more bite of (whatever) first" Works like a charm...this I"m sure will change just like everything else lol :)

Likes:  Backpacks, ice cream, rocks (obsessed actually), necklaces, birds, baking with mama, dogs, playgrounds, any kind of flower....basically see all the above pictures :)
We've also discovered that Harper prefers the men in the family to women (mama is the obvious exception to this rule)  If given the choice she will go to Grandpa, Uncle Greg, Grampy Rick etc etc  before she'll go any of the lovely ladies in the family and of course Daddy is the ultimate apple of her eye. What can I say she loves the boys....this could be trouble...

Dislikes:  Still not a fan of the word no or being told to wait although she really tries her hardest.  Won't eat anything with red sauce and really really wishes mama would let her bring all the cool rocks she finds inside rather than being told "Rocks stay outside" all the time.

See you next month!!

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