Tuesday, March 25, 2014

24 weeks

How far along: 24 weeks 2 days

Gender: BOY

Weight: Status quo from last week, 13 pounds total right on target from last pregnancy

Maternity clothes: Nothing new here, it's all stretchy waist bands and shirts with side rouching (blech).  My issue these days is with running clothes.  I have enough long running tanks to get the job done but due to how much lower Bruce is sitting pants/shorts are causing a real issue.  I have a hard time justifying spending money on bigger shorts due to how long I'll be wearing them but I also have a long way to go and have to buy something...TJMaxx here I come!

Stretch marks: none so far 

Belly button in or out: Innie...for now

Sleep: As long as it's just the hubs and I in bed I sleep just fine...on the rare occassion we bring tsunami Harper into bed with us we start wondering what all the co-sleeping hype is about, get out of my bed kid!!

Worst moment this week: attending the wake of a dear friends father.  I am a classic sympathy crier. Left to my own devices I'm as stoic as they come.  Put me in a room where someone else is crying...forget about it.  Add pregnancy hormones to that and it's game over before I've even started.  Shaun and I were saying the other day that in our 5 short years together we've averaged 1-2 funerals a year...we'd like a few years off please and thank you.

Best moment of the week: I think probably the most fun moment this week was taking Harper for her first haircut. She was enthralled with everything in the store and sat like a little lady while they chopped off her baby mullet :) (More details in Harper's 20 mo update)

Miss anything: Reisling.period.

Cravings: still loving my cereal and cucumber sandwiches. 

Anything making you sick/queasy: nothing, not one thing.  I can even eat chicken!!

Looking forward to: This weekend is the first in a 6 week stretch of busy weekends. First up celebrating the upcoming arrival of baby boy McPheters!! Mommy gets two free hours to oooh and ahhh of baby stuff while all the daddy's entertain the littles at another location mwahaha

different this time around: IIIIIIITCHY dry skin.  I think this has less to do with it being a second pregnancy and more to do with the fact that it has been a loooong flipping cold winter.  Either way this mama is in some dire need of some sunshine.  My dr also confirmed at my last appointment that I'm in fact measuring right on track despite my feelings of being larger this time around.

Weekly comparison: 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

23 Weeks

How far along: 23 weeks 2 days

Gender: Boy

Weight: Haven't visited my friend the scale lately, I have a Dr. appt at 3 today and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to tell me...hmpf

Maternity Clothes:  ummm yup! So tired of pants..is it skirt season yet?

Stretch marks: Nope

Belly button in/out: In

Sleep:  Like a champ!! But never enough of it...most nights I barely make it past 8:30, the hubs says I'm super fun :)  I told him to wait a few months and we'll be up ALL the time together and we can catch up then ;)

Worst moment of the week: Silly drama with the contractor/painter of our house.  It's a long long story (but man is it a GOOD one!!) and has no place on a baby update but let's just say petty drama + preggo hormones = me a mess and husband MAAAAAD (at them).  
Oh and the little thing about my company's payroll system being breeached and our names, dob, ss #'s, pay info, financial info etc etc all being compromised...THAT's been fun too!

Best moment of the week: Harper is finally feeling better, I got to visit with a few friends this weekend as well as get in a nice long run this weekend which is always good for morale.  
The moment that probably gave us the biggest chuckle though was on Sunday.  Shaun, Harper and I were at Lens Crafters picking out my new glasses when this man approached us and said "Excuse me, I have to ask....were you in a commercial?"  We laughed and said yes and he looked at Harper and said "Is THAT the same baby??"  again we laughed and said yes, the commercial had been shot when she was 11 weeks old.  That was definitely a first.  #totallyfamous.

Missing anything: No green beer for this girl on St. Paddy's day :(  

Craving: Cereal....it's becoming a nightly thing

Sick or nauseous:  I think those days are FINALLY behind me!

Looking forward to: Looking forward to our last quiet weekend, the next 5 are jam packed with baby showers, races, memorial services (boo), birthday celebrations, Easter and family visiting from out of town....phew I'm tired just thinking about it.

Different this time around: I'm getting the feeling that little Bruce isn't as little as his sister was.  He is lower and feels much heavier than she did at this point.  I remember being so proud of the fact that I was "small" when pregnant with her only to have that lead to all sorts of scary ultrasounds and monitoring towards the end of the pregnancy.  So when I look at my weekly comparison and think "Whoa I'm BIG" I have to remind my self nope, just normal :)

Weekly comparison: 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Harper 19 months

Apparently I can't get my act in gear to sit down and write about my sweet girl and what she's been up to.  Every time I mean to the whirling dirvish (Harper herself) distracts me and *poof* I forget and hope to do it another day.  Since we're almost into her 20th month I'll save the full update for then and in the meantime hopefully pictures will do :)
She really did love her valentine from cousin Maddie

Nice try little one but it's upside down

Reading books with Tyler in her circus tent

Jam....mmmm good

damn nebulizer, thought I'd seen the last of you!!

train em young and put em to work!!!

I can't move my arms!!!

Practicing for little brother 
Brand new step stool = big helper in the kitchen

Look what's for dinner!

warming up my running shoes on race morning

OBSESSED with this doll, she hugged it in the box all the way through the store

See you in a few days with a REAL update (pinky promise)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

22 Weeks

How far along: 22 weeks 2 days

Gender: BOY (confirmed) Actually the ultrasounds techs exact words were "I would bet a years salary that's a boy...and if it's NOT I want to meet her!"

Weight gain: +2 (catching up from last week as I suspected)

Maternity clothes: Still wearing them...still hating them

Stretch marks: nada

Belly button in or out: Does anyone reeeally care if my belly button is in or out? I didn't think so (but it's still in if your curious)

Sleep: Love sleep.  All the time any time.  Sleeping like a champ

Worst moment of the week: Sick kid.  She was sent home last Monday with some sort of gastrointestinal bug and had to be symptom free for 24 hours before she went back to school.  No sooner did we kick that than I get a call from school saying "ummm so we think she has a sinus/ear infection or pink eye....can you come get her?"  One quick (kidding) trip to Brighton FirstCare later and we were sent home with a diagnosis of "bad cold" and with some eye drops to help prevent the drainage from becoming anything worse.  
She was a champ through the whole thing and yes I shamelessly bribed her with snacks and Frozen on the Kindle...don't judge, we do what we have to do.
Best moment of the week: Feeling what it's like to put in some mileage again.  Saturday I woke up and ran 4 miles before Shaun headed off to work and then decided I felt like I wanted to run more so while H napped I logged 4 more miles. Not taking the time change into account I agreed to a 6:30am (woof) run with Melissa and we got in 6 more miles.  It was nice to hit the open roads again, even if the hubs did send us on the hilliest route ever.  Not going to lie my hips were screaming for the rest of the day but man, hurt so good :)

Miss anything: Pants with zippers...buttons...waist bands....  Oh and the sun, I miss the sun and warmth!

Craving anything:  Iced coffee.  For some reason hot coffee grosses me out right now but iced coffee? Yummmmmm.  I'm going to attempt to make my own this week...should be interesting.

Anything making you sick/nauseous?  Nope! Nada....HOORAY!  I can even eat chicken!!!

Looking forward to:  Lots of things coming up--> baby showers, birthdays, Shaun being OFF for the week...oh and a little half marathon that I have looming over my head...

Different this time around:  Although my weight gain is on par from the first go around I just feel bigger.  Maybe because it is the second time or maybe because it's a boy? 

Weekly comparison: 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

21 Weeks

Nothing like standing with a skinny friend to make your bump stick out :)

How far along: 21 weeks 2 days

Gender: Boy...BUT.....I just had a friend who had an earlier ultrasound they said they were 90% positive that she was having a boy and then when she went for her anatomy scan last week and all of a sudden it was "Did we say boy? We meant girl"...so um yeah I'll be having them reconfirm this at my ultrasound tomorrow.

Weight: status quo from last week.  Seems as though I gain in spurts like I did with Harper

Maternity Clothes: yes and yes

Stretch marks: nada

Belly button in or out: in

Sleep: still no problems here.  I'll have to look back from my posts about Harper but I feel like I had a much harder time sleeping last time, not that I"m complaining! I guess that's what having a toddler around will do for you!

Movement: Oh yes! Thanks to Bruce being breech I'm feeling him kick in all sorts of fun unusual places

Worst moment this week:  Who needs a dog around to pee on your band new carpet when you a toddler to do it for you?   Don't worry I still smacked her on the nose with a rolled up newspaper (holy cow I"m kidding)

Best moment of the week: Running the Irish Road Rover 5k with Melissa.  This was my first race ever and the day I quit smoking anniversary race.  That's right just 6 short years ago I was a brand new runner and a dirty butt smoker.  This was my first race ever and afterward I hopped in my car and lit up.  One drag later it occured to me "Hmmm this seems rather counterproductive".  Quit cold turkey that day and never looked back.  I'm slow as all get out and Melissa was sweet enough to be slow with me and chat my ear off to help me forget A) how slow I was and B) how fricken cold it was!!! 
Even though this is my second time around I struggle with remembering that this is NOT the time for me to be fast.  Celebrate finish lines not finish times right?  We managed to squeak in under 30 min so I still have some pride intact ;)
getting my shoes ready for me on race day

Miss anything:  I could have used a nice tall glass of Reisling this past week, so that.

Craving anything: Hmm let's see, we've gone from Thai food to egg salad to cucumber sandwiches...this week it's Dark Chocolate Cheerios. Seriously, where have you been my whole life?

Sick/Nauseaus: NO! No no no no no!! Happy day

Looking forward to: Seeing "Bruce" tomorrow on the big screen and sweet talking the ultrasound tech into letting me see him in 3D

Different this time around: Running is a totally different animal this time around.  Not only is my belly a bit bigger (Thanks Bruce) and lower but he's sitting breech which puts the majority of his weight waaaaay down low which is none too comfortable.  I have a new maternity running belt on it's way to my house as we speak.  It was rated the top for pregnant runners so lets hope that alleviates some of the discomfort I've been feeling.