Tuesday, March 18, 2014

23 Weeks

How far along: 23 weeks 2 days

Gender: Boy

Weight: Haven't visited my friend the scale lately, I have a Dr. appt at 3 today and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to tell me...hmpf

Maternity Clothes:  ummm yup! So tired of pants..is it skirt season yet?

Stretch marks: Nope

Belly button in/out: In

Sleep:  Like a champ!! But never enough of it...most nights I barely make it past 8:30, the hubs says I'm super fun :)  I told him to wait a few months and we'll be up ALL the time together and we can catch up then ;)

Worst moment of the week: Silly drama with the contractor/painter of our house.  It's a long long story (but man is it a GOOD one!!) and has no place on a baby update but let's just say petty drama + preggo hormones = me a mess and husband MAAAAAD (at them).  
Oh and the little thing about my company's payroll system being breeached and our names, dob, ss #'s, pay info, financial info etc etc all being compromised...THAT's been fun too!

Best moment of the week: Harper is finally feeling better, I got to visit with a few friends this weekend as well as get in a nice long run this weekend which is always good for morale.  
The moment that probably gave us the biggest chuckle though was on Sunday.  Shaun, Harper and I were at Lens Crafters picking out my new glasses when this man approached us and said "Excuse me, I have to ask....were you in a commercial?"  We laughed and said yes and he looked at Harper and said "Is THAT the same baby??"  again we laughed and said yes, the commercial had been shot when she was 11 weeks old.  That was definitely a first.  #totallyfamous.

Missing anything: No green beer for this girl on St. Paddy's day :(  

Craving: Cereal....it's becoming a nightly thing

Sick or nauseous:  I think those days are FINALLY behind me!

Looking forward to: Looking forward to our last quiet weekend, the next 5 are jam packed with baby showers, races, memorial services (boo), birthday celebrations, Easter and family visiting from out of town....phew I'm tired just thinking about it.

Different this time around: I'm getting the feeling that little Bruce isn't as little as his sister was.  He is lower and feels much heavier than she did at this point.  I remember being so proud of the fact that I was "small" when pregnant with her only to have that lead to all sorts of scary ultrasounds and monitoring towards the end of the pregnancy.  So when I look at my weekly comparison and think "Whoa I'm BIG" I have to remind my self nope, just normal :)

Weekly comparison: 


  1. i love your new glasses! youre TOTALLY famous (i still love it when your commercial comes on!). new houses are STUPID (ugh). and are you naming him bruce? or is this like when we called my belly hank haha :)

    1. Lol, no it isn't his real name. Nothing wrong with it but it's just not my style ;) We're keeping his name under wraps until we meet him so until then we affectionately refer to him as "Bruce", like the shark in Nemo!
      You know as much as I just love the visual reminder of what I looked like 11 weeks postpartum they can really stop airing that commercial any time now ;)