Tuesday, March 11, 2014

22 Weeks

How far along: 22 weeks 2 days

Gender: BOY (confirmed) Actually the ultrasounds techs exact words were "I would bet a years salary that's a boy...and if it's NOT I want to meet her!"

Weight gain: +2 (catching up from last week as I suspected)

Maternity clothes: Still wearing them...still hating them

Stretch marks: nada

Belly button in or out: Does anyone reeeally care if my belly button is in or out? I didn't think so (but it's still in if your curious)

Sleep: Love sleep.  All the time any time.  Sleeping like a champ

Worst moment of the week: Sick kid.  She was sent home last Monday with some sort of gastrointestinal bug and had to be symptom free for 24 hours before she went back to school.  No sooner did we kick that than I get a call from school saying "ummm so we think she has a sinus/ear infection or pink eye....can you come get her?"  One quick (kidding) trip to Brighton FirstCare later and we were sent home with a diagnosis of "bad cold" and with some eye drops to help prevent the drainage from becoming anything worse.  
She was a champ through the whole thing and yes I shamelessly bribed her with snacks and Frozen on the Kindle...don't judge, we do what we have to do.
Best moment of the week: Feeling what it's like to put in some mileage again.  Saturday I woke up and ran 4 miles before Shaun headed off to work and then decided I felt like I wanted to run more so while H napped I logged 4 more miles. Not taking the time change into account I agreed to a 6:30am (woof) run with Melissa and we got in 6 more miles.  It was nice to hit the open roads again, even if the hubs did send us on the hilliest route ever.  Not going to lie my hips were screaming for the rest of the day but man, hurt so good :)

Miss anything: Pants with zippers...buttons...waist bands....  Oh and the sun, I miss the sun and warmth!

Craving anything:  Iced coffee.  For some reason hot coffee grosses me out right now but iced coffee? Yummmmmm.  I'm going to attempt to make my own this week...should be interesting.

Anything making you sick/nauseous?  Nope! Nada....HOORAY!  I can even eat chicken!!!

Looking forward to:  Lots of things coming up--> baby showers, birthdays, Shaun being OFF for the week...oh and a little half marathon that I have looming over my head...

Different this time around:  Although my weight gain is on par from the first go around I just feel bigger.  Maybe because it is the second time or maybe because it's a boy? 

Weekly comparison: