Friday, June 28, 2013

11 Months!!

HOLY MOLY I''m 11 months old!!!

Age: 11 Months (whoa, she might as well be one already...where did the year go?)

Weight & Length: No clue.  I know she's getting bigger/taller because she's growing out of clothes faster than I can buy them. (which reminds me mom, she needs a new Texas tshirt as her current one is now a belly shirt....)

Favorite Activity: Well miss Harper is a very busy girl so we have ALOT of favorite activities, at least 10 an hour....crawling, bouncing, talking, building towers, knocking down towers, chewing on anything in reach, reading, opening cabinets, closing cabinets, bouncing balls, crawling, talking talking talking.... you get the idea.  We're working on our "jack of all trades skills", we're into eeeeverything!
a rare quiet moment.  So glad I bought this little doohicky to hang my iphone on her stroller, protects it nicely from her sticky little paws.  

Favorite Toy: She's been showing a preferences for beach balls lately but the clear favorite is still Bubba, her bear.  We've had a few close calls forgetting Bubba either at home or daycare soooo we'll be making a pit stop into build a bear this weekend to whip up a spare.  Worth every penny of the $10 it takes to make him.

Favorite Book: The new favorite this month is the Fisher Price lift a flap Zoo book.  Fun for at least a good 10 min haha, so many flaps to lift (and tear and try to put in our mouths).  It kills me that I have boxes and boxes of amazing books for her....but they're all in storage...hopefully we'll be able to dig into them soon.

This month Harper learned:  
* To roar like a lion (seriously cutest thing ever)
*To give kisses when asked.  They're open mouth and sloppy but my favorite of anyone's kisses (sorry honey)
* That wading pools that look like giant crabs are pretty awesome when it's 8 million degrees out (and that you have to share because mommy wants to stick her feet in too!)
* TO WALK! Ok ok maybe not walk, maybe more like stumble around like a drunken sailor. Soon enough she'll be running all over the place and the real trouble begins!

This month mommy learned:
* spending a small fortune on pacifiers is worth it to have a spare handy at 3 in the morning when she's up and the crib seems to have eaten her other one
* Patience is not my strongest virtue but thanks to house building process I'm learning
* I've missed distance running...alot.  Glad to be back in it.

Races: Survived my first half marathon post baby! The sky opened up 20 minutes before the gun went off which was GREAT for me, not so much for the spectators!  I finished 13 min faster than expected so all in all it was a great race. Looking forward to the next one in Sept!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 2013 in pictures


Father's Day started a little early for the hubs
Tailgating at DMB

First overnight away from Harper, up WAAAAY past our bedtime!
Don't mind Grizzly's his "playoff beard"

Father's Day BBQ 

Harper had a little something for Shaun to open that she had made at daycare.  A poem that said something to the effect of "Your Father's Day gift is to spend the whole day with ME!!! Don't worry mommy packed the diaper bag and she said she'd keep herself busy...something about a PED-I-CURE..."  gotta love a daycare with a sense of humor!
 hanging out with Uncle Joe and Madison
Grandpa and his littles 
(side note: this was the best of the 500 pics that my sister in law and I took, trying to get 3 kids under the age of 5 to look at the camera...and not cry...pick their nose or crawl away....OY!)

Ending the day like we always do...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10 Months

Loving her first trip to the ocean

Age:  10 Months

Weight: Another trip to the dr....(dear god is cold season over yet) 20.5 lbs

Length: Her 9 month pants are all now capris so I'm guessing she's growing 

Favorite activity:  ----------->
My friend got a bouncy house for her step daughters birthday.  I'm nto sure who had more fun but we both laughed until we cried.

Favorite toy: Her new buddy bubba.  He's soft, stuffed just right, and is most commonly found firmly in a headlock while she sleeps...

Favorite Book:  My first 100 words has beaten out the little blue truck this month, but it was a close one.  Scholastic had another warehouse sale last month which means there are alot of new books in the rotation :)

This month Harper discovered:
*Living with Grammy and Grandpa is awesome, there's always someone to play with.  
* Walking is way better than crawling (not walking unassisted yet...we have bets on how much longer it will be...I guessed a month, Shaun guessed a week and a half...stay tuned)
* Green beans are delicious, pancakes are pretty good too.  If given the choice she'd pick green beans... ???
* Saying Dada will actually make Daddy respond....some version of Mmmmamamama makes mommy respond....hmmmmmm

Memorial day parade

parade watching is exhausting

Yes redheads run in my family ;)

This month mommy learned: **I shouldn't have been so anxious for the little one to be crawling...HO-LY BUSY!!
**Babies will always have blow outs when least convenient 
**Always pack double the diapers and clothing you think you'll need, otherwise you arrive home with a baby in a onesie wrapped in a blanket  (learned due to above lesson...) 
**Living with Grammy and Grandpa IS awesome because there is always someone for Harper to play with!!

Races: I believe I said I had no races planned until June 23? Famous last words ;)  The Pine Grove montessori school was having a little 5k (directed by fellow trackie Alice) so Harper and I couldn't resist.  With Auntie Lyss as our wingman we finished in a respectable 28 min and 3rd place in the stroller division.  Next up is the Rail Trail 1/2 marathon (sans stroller!)

My how our races have changed 

Trackie ladies...and Jim :)
My Favorite running buddy :)

See you next month ;)