Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10 Months

Loving her first trip to the ocean

Age:  10 Months

Weight: Another trip to the dr....(dear god is cold season over yet) 20.5 lbs

Length: Her 9 month pants are all now capris so I'm guessing she's growing 

Favorite activity:  ----------->
My friend got a bouncy house for her step daughters birthday.  I'm nto sure who had more fun but we both laughed until we cried.

Favorite toy: Her new buddy bubba.  He's soft, stuffed just right, and is most commonly found firmly in a headlock while she sleeps...

Favorite Book:  My first 100 words has beaten out the little blue truck this month, but it was a close one.  Scholastic had another warehouse sale last month which means there are alot of new books in the rotation :)

This month Harper discovered:
*Living with Grammy and Grandpa is awesome, there's always someone to play with.  
* Walking is way better than crawling (not walking unassisted yet...we have bets on how much longer it will be...I guessed a month, Shaun guessed a week and a half...stay tuned)
* Green beans are delicious, pancakes are pretty good too.  If given the choice she'd pick green beans... ???
* Saying Dada will actually make Daddy respond....some version of Mmmmamamama makes mommy respond....hmmmmmm

Memorial day parade

parade watching is exhausting

Yes redheads run in my family ;)

This month mommy learned: **I shouldn't have been so anxious for the little one to be crawling...HO-LY BUSY!!
**Babies will always have blow outs when least convenient 
**Always pack double the diapers and clothing you think you'll need, otherwise you arrive home with a baby in a onesie wrapped in a blanket  (learned due to above lesson...) 
**Living with Grammy and Grandpa IS awesome because there is always someone for Harper to play with!!

Races: I believe I said I had no races planned until June 23? Famous last words ;)  The Pine Grove montessori school was having a little 5k (directed by fellow trackie Alice) so Harper and I couldn't resist.  With Auntie Lyss as our wingman we finished in a respectable 28 min and 3rd place in the stroller division.  Next up is the Rail Trail 1/2 marathon (sans stroller!)

My how our races have changed 

Trackie ladies...and Jim :)
My Favorite running buddy :)

See you next month ;)

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