Tuesday, January 28, 2014

16 weeks

16 weeks

Not much to update this week but here's the rundown
How far along: 16 weeks 2 days

Gender: ???

Weight:  No clue :)

Maternity Clothes:  I hate maternity clothes.  I need to find a job where it would be acceptable to wear track pants or pajama pants every day!

Stretch Marks: None (yet)

Belly Button In/Out: In

Sleep: Sleeping like a baby! Laying on my back is starting to become uncomfortable so I've switched to the every familiar side sleeping position.

Worst moment of the week: Waking up for my Sunday run with Melissa to find that it was ZERO degrees with the windchill....10 is my cut off. No bueno (luckily she's a trooper and agreed to a treadmill date at the gym! The bonus was that we each got to run our own speed without me feeling like I was holding her back)

Best moment of the week: Some very very very welcome changes at daycare.  We'll leave it at that :)

Miss anything: Warm weather?

Cravings:  Cereal cereal and more cereal....oh and clementines and pickles #pregnantcliche

Anything making you sick or queasy?  Yeah...this baby.  Every time I think "Oh phew this puking stage is over..." baby decides to show me who's boss.

Looking forward to: Spectating the Mid Winter Classic 10 miler with an XL hot chocolate!! Also the Super Bowl.  Even though the Pats didn't make it I'll be cheering for the Sea Hawks.  They have the first legally deaf player in the NFL on their team and he's GOOD!! GO COLEMAN!!

Weekly comparison: 
Ummm whoa.

Harper: 17& 18 month catch up!

How did this happen? My baby has turned into a little girl! Doesn't she look big?
Harper had her 18 mo check up today and as we were leaving it occured to me that she hadn't made an appearance in a few months (oopsie sorry Mom) so here we go!  

(looking back I'm not that fond of the format I was using for Harper's updates so I'm stealing yours Danielle hope you don't mind :D )

Height/Weight --> 26 lbs and 32" tall.  Head is still "off the charts"...big brains I say!

Heatlh --> Firmly rooted in the 75th percentile (errr minus the big melon).  We've only had one or two bouts with Bronchilitis and have had to resort to her inhaler a handful times which is a far cry from last winter.  Actually this time last year she was being admitted to the hospital with RSV, which I'm perfectly happy to not repeat!!

One of our last few days at Grammy and Grampy's house

Clothes: Slowly creeping her way out of her 18mo clothes and into the 24/2T size.  It took me the longest time to figure out what the difference was between the sizes.  Turns out that 24 mo is a bit shorter in the legs and leaves more room for diapers but 2T = no more snap crotches, yup see ya later bye bye!!! 
When we moved into the new house in December we went through all of our bins and consolidated Harper's clothes and she may or may not have two rows of bins stacked 4 high of clothing 0-12 mo....ooops.  So if we have another girl we are SET! If not Baby Girl Brewer will be supplied with a  wardrobe for her first year of life and her parents wallet can thank us :)

Sleep:  Bedtime is still 7:30, although we've changed our bedtime routine a bit to help her transition to sleep better.  We play upstairs in her room from 6:30 to 7:00 and then it's Pj's, brush teeth, 2 books and a few minutes of Danielle Tiger if there's time.  Then it's hugs and kisses and lights out! When we lived with my inlaws she was waking up at around 5:15-5:30 out of necessity so that we could get ready and out the door in time.  Now that we live less than 3 miles from daycare she has transitioned to sleeping until 6am...ahhhhhh.  Now if only I could teach her to sleep until 7:30 or so on Saturday and Sunday only that would be great!

Milestones:  We've had lots of milestones in the past two months but none as big as this: People, we are PACIFIER FREE!!!! Shaun and I decided to take advantage of the holiday weekend two weeks ago to put Operation "Sayonara Sucker" into action. It is no secret that I had a love/hate relationship with that thing for the past few months but had been dreading taking it away because of how much Harper looooved it.
It had gotten to the point that if I held the paci by the rubber piece and clicked the handle back and forth she would let out a smeegle like squeal and drop whatever she was doing and come find me and her beloved "precious".  I knew waiting was only going to make it worse for both her and I and I wanted to give her some distance from it before she saw a new baby in the house with one (although I really don't know if I want the new baby to have one). 
Friday night we did our normal routine and put her to bed, no binky and haven't looked back since.  Not going to lie, I had to hide in the basement where Shaun was working so I wouldn't cave and go give it back to her (many Oreos were eaten too).  After 30 min of crying, I sent Shaun up to rub her back for a minute and that was the last we heard from her that night.  BOOM!  We've had a few bumps in the road but all in all she's handled the transition like a CHAMP!
In other milestones we've now entered into the pete and repeat stage so momma has to be extra careful with her mouth and we're doing all sorts of other fun things like speed crawling up and down stairs (we've never used baby gates and have opted to teach her how to navigate stairs safely instead), laughing at contextual things, and of course signing/talking up a storm!!
Baby gear love: Our first trip to Ikea scored Harper this brand new table and chair which she is now obsessed with.  Every morning the first things she points to is her table and chair and insists on sitting there to work on a puzzle for a few minutes before we get going for the day.
I can't forget to mention Donkey (pictured below) Harper got him for Christmas and LOVED him! Sadly he sprung a leak a day later so we had to replace him with Dino (seen in first picture).  He is easily this months fan favorite!

Outings: Because Shaun works every Saturday Harper and I tend to stay very busy going here and there, There aren't many places she doesn't go but here are some of our more special outtings over the past two months:
We moved into our new house 2 days before Christmas (YAY!!) so after opening up presents at home we headed back to Gram and Gramps for Christmas day.  

With winter comes sledding which we've done a few times this season already.  We have an annual sledding tradition of sledding on Christmas day which sadly ended in tears and blood for Miss Harper (don't worry she was just fine) Notice the binky? SO glad that thing is gone!  Harper also participated and raised $100 for her very first Mini March for Cystic Fibrosis at school.  Total numbers aren't in yet but I believe she was one of the highest fundraisers, GO HARPER!!! (Thank you to all who donated!)

Poor pumpkin
Harper also made her first trip to Ikea but more importantly her first stop at SONIC!!! We let her try her very first corn dog and it was love at first bite!!

Diapers: We've been in size 4 pampers for a few months now but I think our days in this size are numbered.

Diet:  Sigh...I struggle with this.  Harper eats very well for the most part and we try to give her a wide assortment of new foods on a regular basis but it feels to me as though she's stuck in a rut.  It's a constant guessing game of what will she eat today and what won't she but this mom refuses to short order cook which Miss Harper is quickly figuring out.  Every meal I try to give her two things I know she likes and will eat and one "new" thing.  Most times she'll try one bite of the new thing and spit it out and sometimes will refuse the things I know she likes as well....fickle toddlers... She also goes through spells where she doesn't want to eat anything and other days I swear she has a hollow leg.  I brought this up with her pediatrician the other day and he said "Toddlers haven't been alive long enough to ruin their self moderation so don't offer her anything and follow her lead.  If she's hungry she'll ask for food, if she doesn't want to eat that's fine too".  Mmm k then. 

Likes:  Dino the dinosaur, sticker books, coloring, running in and out of her new circus tent 8 million times. Any movie that has Tinkerbell in it and doing the Mickey Mouse "hot dog dance".  They have also been teaching her class "Red Light Stop and Green Light Go" (for safety reasons) and Harper LOVES to practice and tell us to "Stooooooop!"

Dislikes: Being told "no". Psssh who doesn't? 

See you next month!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

I have a problem...

What you're looking at is an XL bin and duffle bag of running clothes.  
Long sleeve, short sleeve, tank top, running shorts, capris, tights, sports bras, jackets...clothes for all temps, seasons and weather
See that dresser peeking into the photo? Yes I have so many pieces of running gear they have their very own dresser (I just haven't gotten around to filling it yet)

Shaun would argue the fact that the sheer volume of my workout clothes necessitate their own dresser IS the problem....but he would be wrong.

The problem is that 90% of them don't fit and the pile of ones that DO fit are quickly dwindling...
I've dug through my bin of goodies and found most of the clothes I wore when I was pregnant with Harper.  For the time being I still fit into most of my shirts (although as I got bigger  the length of tank tops and shirts was a constant source of frustration for me last time)  The real problem right now is bottoms.  
I seem to be carrying a bit lower this time around and CANNOT seem to find a pair of running shorts already in my extensive collection that are comfortable.
Knowing that I have no plans to stop running any time soon the hunt was on for some maternity running shorts.  Thank God I found these...

Superstar Maternity Studio ShortUltimate Maternity Micro-Plush Fitness Capri

I became an endorsed athlete and ambassador for the company shortly after finding out I was pregnant with B2.  What they're probably known best for are their cute "Running for two" tank tops but the real reason I love them is because they offer honest to goodness functional clothes for pregnant woman who actually do more than just yoga.  Don't get me wrong, yoga is great but sometimes a girl needs to RUUUUUUUN!  Long tanks, belly panels to accommodate the bump...what's not to love?
Shaun's so excited I just placed an order for the three beauties above and I'm hoping they are as comfortable in person as they look in the pictures....stay tuned for the verdict.

Because they're amazing, For Two Fitness is extending a special discount code to any of my friends who may be finding themselves in the same predicament I'm in.  Just enter TIDBIT20 upon checkout, this code is good for the next 60 days on regular AND sale priced items.

Let's hope this helps solve my "problem" :D

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

15 Weeks

Sheesh I feel like I JUST did an update, yet here we are again at 15 weeks.
I need to get used to this whole weekly vs monthly blogging thing again :)

How far along:  15 weeks 3 days
Gender: I have a strong suspicion but no, I'm not telling.  I've written in down and dated it with a witness though.  A little less than a month and we'll see if the whole "mother's intuition" thing holds any water.
Weight gain: I've actually lost a bit of weight this week :(
Maternity clothes: I'm generally opposed to wearing leggings as real pants in public, they're generally too thin and therefore indecent in my opinion. So of course it figures that they are by far the most comfortable thing to wear when pregnant.  Enter the ponte pant from Motherhood.  BEST.PANTS.EVER.  Fit like a legging but thick like an honest to goodness pair of pants (with pockets on the butt which is a bonus).  They have quickly become my most favorite pants.
I still have two or three pairs of regular pants I can wear but other than that I am comfortably in panel pants.
Stretch marks: None 
Belly button in or out: Still an innie
Sleep: Sleeping pretty good as long as everyone in the house is sleeping which is most nights.  I finally smartened up and cut down my fluid intake after 7 pm which has greatly minimized my number of  trips to the bathroom. (slow learner = me)
Worst moment of the week: Thanks to a third Saturday snowstorm in a row the wimps from Sears wouldn't deliver my treadmill.  This, of course, immediately caused a pregnant meltdown of epic proportions. Not my greatest moment.
Best Moment of the week:  Thanks to my friend Sarah (seriously everyone should have a "Sarah") who was able to be at my house today, I am happy to report that Bad Larry has been DELIVERED.  Now Shaun just needs to hustle home tonight and set him up :)
Second place would be my very first trip to IKEA yesterday!! Probably not the smartest idea going on a holiday because everyone and their brother (and sister and uncle and and...) were there but we emerged victorious 2.5 hours later with two carts worth of goodies without breaking the bank.
and last but not least we have a stop at SONIC for the win!  I have a long standing love affair with Sonic's Cherry Limeade which I can only get when I go to Texas to visit my mom and sister or on the rare occasion we go to Boston. 
Thanks to a dump truck jumping a guard rail and ending up in Boston harbor our route to SONIC was BLOCKED on the way home!!!!  Luckily for me Shaun subscribes to  the "happy wife happy life" philosophy and has better than average navigational skills. He was able to find a route to Sonic that actually saved us time!!! Hooray Shaun!!
No they're not both mine. Yes the 44 oz has my name all over it. 
No shame in my game. Yummmm

Miss Anything?: I"m not a big drinker, haven't been since my college sorority days.  Seems the only time I crave alcohol is when I'm pregnant.  I'd give Shaun's right arm (my arms are too valuable) for a glass of Reisling or a bottle of Angry Orchard.
Movement: Still not so sure.  Dr said it should be much more obvious in the next few weeks. 
Cravings: Thai food is still top of my list and I'd eat a whole bag of Clemintines if I didn't think my body would mind the acid.
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Remember last week when I said "Hooray no more yakking for me"? Yeah well I spoke too soon, and not at all fun.  This kid is officially kicking my ass.
Looking forward to: FINALLY being able to break in Bad Larry. I was able to run two days in a row this weekend and I felt human again.  When the jerks people from Sears cancelled my delivery Saturday Shaun came home to find me in tears (epic meltdown remember?) and just couldn't wrap his brain around why a cancelled delivery would send me into such a tailspin.  I think you have to be a runner to get why this might have upset me so much and why I can't wait to start getting in regular runs again. 
Different this time around:  See queasy sick section above.  Enough said...woof

Last but not least let's do our little comparison (two selfies in one week lucky you!) Harper on the left, B2 on the right.

Had to try out my Tough Chik jersey while it still fit!!! 

See you next week!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Little Baby Breton....round 2 (weeks 13&14)

Back by popular demand I give you 
B2's weekly updates :)

Ok ok it's really back by Veronika's demand because without her hounding it probably just wouldnt' get done.  So what's been the holdup?  Life has been busy!! We moved into our new home (yay us) two days before Christmas, which made Christmas a blur!! Between unpacking, working, and caring for the tiny human I already have that demands much of my time who has the energy for bump pictures??  But if I'm being completely honest here I have to admit that that's not the only reason.  Full disclosure here kids: I have felt awful!! Because of that I have felt as though I look awful.  Add on top of that my exercise has been severely restricted due to no gym/treadmill access and less than favorable outside running conditions and it really didn't make eager to jump in front of a camera...sigh.

Enter Veronika, my dear friend from New York (aka long lost twin) She pulled out her stern voice and reminded me that if I didn't get on the ball I would have no pictures of me pregnant with B2 and at some point I would regret that., and besides wouldn't it be fun to compare them? Ok fiiiiiiine.  My spirits were further lifted by the impending arrival of this little beauty whom I have affectionately named "Bad Larry"
Hello handsome :) Larry comes with more cool features than I can list but the coolest in my book is the google maps feature.  I can punch in any route and the treadmill will self adjust  to the terrain of the course and I can watch it on the dispaly screen.  It also comes pre loaded with the Boston Marathon course, which, let's be honest will probably be the closest I'll ever get to running that course without raising a boat load of money.  I saved my pennies for quite some time to buy Larry but as a soon to be mom of 2 under 2? Yeah it's a must.
Anywho, without further ado I give you weeks 13&14 

How far along: currently 14wk 3days
Gender: ??  Growing right on schedule with a HR of 155
Weight gain: I get on the scale facing backwards at the OB's office and told them to tell me if there's a problem.  Otherwise don't know, don't care.
Maternity clothes: I opened my tub of maternity clothes and literlly wanted to vomit.  I had worn those clothes into the ground last time because really? Who wants to waste money on panel pants? So they were all looking pretty beat up.  I broke down and bought a shirt or two and a new pair of pants so I wouldn't feel so bedraggled.
Stretch marks: No and hope to keep it that way.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Sleeping great, like the dead.  In fact I have rarely made it past 8:30 since week 1.  Exhaustion was my first tip off that I was pregnant.  So much fun for Shaun poor guy.
Worst moment this week: Getting mirrors put up in the house!!
Best moment this week: Getting mirrors put up in the house!  Lol no really top moment of the week would be being chosen as a featured tough chick  this week.
Miss anything: At the moment I miss working out.  I have run a grand total of 16.75 miles since December 23.  Feel free to be underwhelmed.  All of this will change with Bad Larry's arrival on Saturday and I can get back on track and start training for what few races I have planned this year. 
Movement: Not sure.  Call me crazy but I think I'm feeling flutters.  Based on where B2 was yesterday I'm feeling them in about the right spot and they say you feel movement quicker the 2nd time around but who knows.
Cravings: Thai food, clementines, chocolate (cadburry mini eggs are already out...this could mean trouble!), potato chips.  All very healthy things for you, especially when not exercising....
Queasy or sick: Week 14 is the first week I have not hung my head in a toilet! Win.
Looking forward to: Saturday!!! Did I mention that Bad Larry is coming?  I just received my Tough Chik jersey this week so I'm looking forward to slapping that puppy on before it doesn't fit over my belly anymore!!
Different this time around:  EVERYTHING!!! First let me say that I felt like I started showing when I was about 2 seconds pregnant this time around.  Friends had warned me about this and I of course had thought they  were kidding....well the joke was on me because they weren't.  With Harper I was tired and nauseaus all day, this time around I suffered from bone crushing exhaustion and actual vomiting alllll day every day from weeks 6-12.  The vomiting got better once my Dr. gave me the magical combination of B6 & Unisom.  It was an absolute life saver and allowed me to function agian.  Other differences have been cravings: I have a more broad range of "wants" this time around vs last time I really only wanted savory foods and life in general.  The first time around I completely took for granted being able to lay around if I wasn't feeling well or still being able to work out any old time I wanted to....not so much when you have a toddler in the house.  I think it's been a blessing though because I'm far too busy with Harper to sit around and feel sorry for myself!  

For a little fun let's do a little this time and last time comparison: Harper on the left, B2 on the right.

See I told you!!  When your husband leaves early for work you end up with super classy selfies in the bathroom at work complete with a tampon machine in the background and at home. Beggars can't be choosers, but hey, what do you think of our new bathroom?

See you next week!!