Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Little Baby Breton....round 2 (weeks 13&14)

Back by popular demand I give you 
B2's weekly updates :)

Ok ok it's really back by Veronika's demand because without her hounding it probably just wouldnt' get done.  So what's been the holdup?  Life has been busy!! We moved into our new home (yay us) two days before Christmas, which made Christmas a blur!! Between unpacking, working, and caring for the tiny human I already have that demands much of my time who has the energy for bump pictures??  But if I'm being completely honest here I have to admit that that's not the only reason.  Full disclosure here kids: I have felt awful!! Because of that I have felt as though I look awful.  Add on top of that my exercise has been severely restricted due to no gym/treadmill access and less than favorable outside running conditions and it really didn't make eager to jump in front of a camera...sigh.

Enter Veronika, my dear friend from New York (aka long lost twin) She pulled out her stern voice and reminded me that if I didn't get on the ball I would have no pictures of me pregnant with B2 and at some point I would regret that., and besides wouldn't it be fun to compare them? Ok fiiiiiiine.  My spirits were further lifted by the impending arrival of this little beauty whom I have affectionately named "Bad Larry"
Hello handsome :) Larry comes with more cool features than I can list but the coolest in my book is the google maps feature.  I can punch in any route and the treadmill will self adjust  to the terrain of the course and I can watch it on the dispaly screen.  It also comes pre loaded with the Boston Marathon course, which, let's be honest will probably be the closest I'll ever get to running that course without raising a boat load of money.  I saved my pennies for quite some time to buy Larry but as a soon to be mom of 2 under 2? Yeah it's a must.
Anywho, without further ado I give you weeks 13&14 

How far along: currently 14wk 3days
Gender: ??  Growing right on schedule with a HR of 155
Weight gain: I get on the scale facing backwards at the OB's office and told them to tell me if there's a problem.  Otherwise don't know, don't care.
Maternity clothes: I opened my tub of maternity clothes and literlly wanted to vomit.  I had worn those clothes into the ground last time because really? Who wants to waste money on panel pants? So they were all looking pretty beat up.  I broke down and bought a shirt or two and a new pair of pants so I wouldn't feel so bedraggled.
Stretch marks: No and hope to keep it that way.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Sleeping great, like the dead.  In fact I have rarely made it past 8:30 since week 1.  Exhaustion was my first tip off that I was pregnant.  So much fun for Shaun poor guy.
Worst moment this week: Getting mirrors put up in the house!!
Best moment this week: Getting mirrors put up in the house!  Lol no really top moment of the week would be being chosen as a featured tough chick  this week.
Miss anything: At the moment I miss working out.  I have run a grand total of 16.75 miles since December 23.  Feel free to be underwhelmed.  All of this will change with Bad Larry's arrival on Saturday and I can get back on track and start training for what few races I have planned this year. 
Movement: Not sure.  Call me crazy but I think I'm feeling flutters.  Based on where B2 was yesterday I'm feeling them in about the right spot and they say you feel movement quicker the 2nd time around but who knows.
Cravings: Thai food, clementines, chocolate (cadburry mini eggs are already out...this could mean trouble!), potato chips.  All very healthy things for you, especially when not exercising....
Queasy or sick: Week 14 is the first week I have not hung my head in a toilet! Win.
Looking forward to: Saturday!!! Did I mention that Bad Larry is coming?  I just received my Tough Chik jersey this week so I'm looking forward to slapping that puppy on before it doesn't fit over my belly anymore!!
Different this time around:  EVERYTHING!!! First let me say that I felt like I started showing when I was about 2 seconds pregnant this time around.  Friends had warned me about this and I of course had thought they  were kidding....well the joke was on me because they weren't.  With Harper I was tired and nauseaus all day, this time around I suffered from bone crushing exhaustion and actual vomiting alllll day every day from weeks 6-12.  The vomiting got better once my Dr. gave me the magical combination of B6 & Unisom.  It was an absolute life saver and allowed me to function agian.  Other differences have been cravings: I have a more broad range of "wants" this time around vs last time I really only wanted savory foods and life in general.  The first time around I completely took for granted being able to lay around if I wasn't feeling well or still being able to work out any old time I wanted to....not so much when you have a toddler in the house.  I think it's been a blessing though because I'm far too busy with Harper to sit around and feel sorry for myself!  

For a little fun let's do a little this time and last time comparison: Harper on the left, B2 on the right.

See I told you!!  When your husband leaves early for work you end up with super classy selfies in the bathroom at work complete with a tampon machine in the background and at home. Beggars can't be choosers, but hey, what do you think of our new bathroom?

See you next week!!


  1. I'm not so savvy so I can't figure out how to put 1,000 hearts in this space but THANK YOU for finally updating your blog!!! So glad you're feeling better now that you're in the second trimester and I will hold you to more frequent baby updates!

  2. I am thankful that your friend Veronika convinced you to bring back this feature. As someone who a) knows nothing about pregnancy or babies b) needs to start learning (no, not yet, but soon) and c) thinks you are, indeed, a total rockstar tough chik for the way you have taken on working out through pregnancy and with a baby, I find your blog totally motivating! P.S. You look super cute it your pictures! And. P.P.S. I am salivating over Bad Larry. lol. I need to start saving my pennies! haha