Tuesday, January 21, 2014

15 Weeks

Sheesh I feel like I JUST did an update, yet here we are again at 15 weeks.
I need to get used to this whole weekly vs monthly blogging thing again :)

How far along:  15 weeks 3 days
Gender: I have a strong suspicion but no, I'm not telling.  I've written in down and dated it with a witness though.  A little less than a month and we'll see if the whole "mother's intuition" thing holds any water.
Weight gain: I've actually lost a bit of weight this week :(
Maternity clothes: I'm generally opposed to wearing leggings as real pants in public, they're generally too thin and therefore indecent in my opinion. So of course it figures that they are by far the most comfortable thing to wear when pregnant.  Enter the ponte pant from Motherhood.  BEST.PANTS.EVER.  Fit like a legging but thick like an honest to goodness pair of pants (with pockets on the butt which is a bonus).  They have quickly become my most favorite pants.
I still have two or three pairs of regular pants I can wear but other than that I am comfortably in panel pants.
Stretch marks: None 
Belly button in or out: Still an innie
Sleep: Sleeping pretty good as long as everyone in the house is sleeping which is most nights.  I finally smartened up and cut down my fluid intake after 7 pm which has greatly minimized my number of  trips to the bathroom. (slow learner = me)
Worst moment of the week: Thanks to a third Saturday snowstorm in a row the wimps from Sears wouldn't deliver my treadmill.  This, of course, immediately caused a pregnant meltdown of epic proportions. Not my greatest moment.
Best Moment of the week:  Thanks to my friend Sarah (seriously everyone should have a "Sarah") who was able to be at my house today, I am happy to report that Bad Larry has been DELIVERED.  Now Shaun just needs to hustle home tonight and set him up :)
Second place would be my very first trip to IKEA yesterday!! Probably not the smartest idea going on a holiday because everyone and their brother (and sister and uncle and and...) were there but we emerged victorious 2.5 hours later with two carts worth of goodies without breaking the bank.
and last but not least we have a stop at SONIC for the win!  I have a long standing love affair with Sonic's Cherry Limeade which I can only get when I go to Texas to visit my mom and sister or on the rare occasion we go to Boston. 
Thanks to a dump truck jumping a guard rail and ending up in Boston harbor our route to SONIC was BLOCKED on the way home!!!!  Luckily for me Shaun subscribes to  the "happy wife happy life" philosophy and has better than average navigational skills. He was able to find a route to Sonic that actually saved us time!!! Hooray Shaun!!
No they're not both mine. Yes the 44 oz has my name all over it. 
No shame in my game. Yummmm

Miss Anything?: I"m not a big drinker, haven't been since my college sorority days.  Seems the only time I crave alcohol is when I'm pregnant.  I'd give Shaun's right arm (my arms are too valuable) for a glass of Reisling or a bottle of Angry Orchard.
Movement: Still not so sure.  Dr said it should be much more obvious in the next few weeks. 
Cravings: Thai food is still top of my list and I'd eat a whole bag of Clemintines if I didn't think my body would mind the acid.
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Remember last week when I said "Hooray no more yakking for me"? Yeah well I spoke too soon, and not at all fun.  This kid is officially kicking my ass.
Looking forward to: FINALLY being able to break in Bad Larry. I was able to run two days in a row this weekend and I felt human again.  When the jerks people from Sears cancelled my delivery Saturday Shaun came home to find me in tears (epic meltdown remember?) and just couldn't wrap his brain around why a cancelled delivery would send me into such a tailspin.  I think you have to be a runner to get why this might have upset me so much and why I can't wait to start getting in regular runs again. 
Different this time around:  See queasy sick section above.  Enough said...woof

Last but not least let's do our little comparison (two selfies in one week lucky you!) Harper on the left, B2 on the right.

Had to try out my Tough Chik jersey while it still fit!!! 

See you next week!!

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