Friday, January 24, 2014

I have a problem...

What you're looking at is an XL bin and duffle bag of running clothes.  
Long sleeve, short sleeve, tank top, running shorts, capris, tights, sports bras, jackets...clothes for all temps, seasons and weather
See that dresser peeking into the photo? Yes I have so many pieces of running gear they have their very own dresser (I just haven't gotten around to filling it yet)

Shaun would argue the fact that the sheer volume of my workout clothes necessitate their own dresser IS the problem....but he would be wrong.

The problem is that 90% of them don't fit and the pile of ones that DO fit are quickly dwindling...
I've dug through my bin of goodies and found most of the clothes I wore when I was pregnant with Harper.  For the time being I still fit into most of my shirts (although as I got bigger  the length of tank tops and shirts was a constant source of frustration for me last time)  The real problem right now is bottoms.  
I seem to be carrying a bit lower this time around and CANNOT seem to find a pair of running shorts already in my extensive collection that are comfortable.
Knowing that I have no plans to stop running any time soon the hunt was on for some maternity running shorts.  Thank God I found these...

Superstar Maternity Studio ShortUltimate Maternity Micro-Plush Fitness Capri

I became an endorsed athlete and ambassador for the company shortly after finding out I was pregnant with B2.  What they're probably known best for are their cute "Running for two" tank tops but the real reason I love them is because they offer honest to goodness functional clothes for pregnant woman who actually do more than just yoga.  Don't get me wrong, yoga is great but sometimes a girl needs to RUUUUUUUN!  Long tanks, belly panels to accommodate the bump...what's not to love?
Shaun's so excited I just placed an order for the three beauties above and I'm hoping they are as comfortable in person as they look in the pictures....stay tuned for the verdict.

Because they're amazing, For Two Fitness is extending a special discount code to any of my friends who may be finding themselves in the same predicament I'm in.  Just enter TIDBIT20 upon checkout, this code is good for the next 60 days on regular AND sale priced items.

Let's hope this helps solve my "problem" :D

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  1. THANK YOU!! For my first pregnancy I ran in shorts one size larger than my pre-preg size but when I look at all the photos from my races...let's just say I looked like a bag lady. I'll definitely be looking out for your review of your purchases!