Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Little Baby Breton....the sequel

Look how happy Harper is that she's going to be a big sister....she has no idea what she's in for....
Don't be jealous of our sweaters, they were an intregal part of our super special Christmas card this year 

Well folks we enjoyed the ride so much the first time we bought tickets for another go round.  Please meet baby B2 due to make his/her appearance mid July 
Apparently Shaun and I like July babies ;)

BEFORE we had Harper Shaun and I knew that we wanted our children pretty close together.  My sister and I are just shy of two years apart and I've always loved the age difference (minus the high school years... those sucked).  And let's be honest, we had Harper when I was 34 and more than a few people were kind enough to point out that I had "old eggs" (thanks guys) so tick tick tick.  
AFTER Harper was born I was no longer sure how close I wanted these children, or if I even wanted two... 
(Thanks kid, those first few months were awful)
As we got some distance from the infant stage (I have to do that again? *shudder*) our two kid plan was back on track!

First race with B2

I found out I was pregnant 2 days before the Moose Pond 1/2 Marathon and was still in the "I feel totally FINE" stage so decided to go ahead and run the race.  I told my group that I had a pulled hammy *cough liar *cough and would be running it a bit slower, but Audrey had fallen for that line the first time I was pregnant so she was on to me and refused to let me run by myself.  God love her for staying with me, it ended up being quite a bit hotter that day than we had expected which made the race a bit more challenging.  I finished 2:02 and that included a stop to strip some layers and a break to walk up a MONSTER hill so although I was still hoping to come in under 2 hours I'll still callit a win.

What's different this time around?  Someone should have warned a sister how quickly you start to show the second time around!!! I was barely 5 sec pregnant and already wondering where my panel pants were.  It's as if my body said "oh pregnant! I remember how to do this!!! BOOM belly.  Awesome.  
Morning sickness? How about all day actively throwing up? That's fun.  With Harper I had some nausea, nothing like this though.  The ony thing that initially helped was carbs...feed me all the carbs please and thank you...this may also have been a contributing factor to the immediate belly?   Thank god for whomever discovered the magical wonders of the vitamin B6/Unisom combination.  It has literally saved my life and no that's not being dramatic (much)
I'm finding running to be a bit more challenging the second time around as well.  Yes it was challenging the first time around  for the shear fact that I was pregnant but when you factor in an active toddler it gets a bit more complicated.   Lucky for me Santa is bringing me a new treadmill for the new house :) 
I'm hoping to get myself in decent enough shape to run the Race the Runways 1/2 in April.  I ran it 6.5 mo pregnant with Harper so barring any complications I don't see any reason why I would be able to do it again. 

As soon as we are moved and settled into the new house I plan on starting the weekly updates again, I'm sure there will be plenty of times B2 will get short changed being the second kid, this doesn't need to be one of them ;)

Fasten your seat belts and please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.....

Sunday, December 1, 2013

16 Months

Tis the season….to be late updating your blog.

This little bugger is 16 months old! Can you believe it??
Every month when I sit down to write my update I kick myself for not taking notes on how she's changed because it happens so quickly and let's be honest, by the end of the month I CRS….sorry folks.

I can tell you that her signed vocabulary continues to far exceed her spoken, although she chatters non-stop...not that any of us understand her…Does anyone speak baby?  My interpreting degree is not helping me out on this one!

Here's what else I can remember from this month (notes next month I promise)
We had some Christmas pictures taken.  Love this one but it didn't make the cut for the annual festivus card.

We said good bye to Miss Ashley, one of our favorite girls at daycare :(  She's off to greener pastures at CMMC as an RN on the Pediatric floor.
We also got 4 molars in the time span of 2 weeks, I say "we" because I suffered just as much as she did...  As cute as she is I would have sold her real cheap to the lowest bidder....she was miserable, hence the constant fingers/pacifier in the mouth.  I continue to Love/Hate that stupid thing.

We spent a some quality time outside 

Enjoyed some quality reading time with Maddie and Tyler

Daddy explained some of the finer points of the football game over lunch

Once the molars (finally) popped through she was back to her normal self and 
 has developed quite the sense of humor and is quite the comedian. 

We're trying to make the transition from two naps to one...this is a side effect of this transition....drop dead fall asleep anywhere...
(Groccery shopping was so easy this day, I hope she falls asleep EVERY time we go)

Seriously I think our house is beautiful and I will love love love it when it's DONE (key word here)
But honest to God people.  The contractor sold us on a 10-12 week timeline ....then halfway through requested a 10 week extension.  Their new deadline is Dec 9 (which will equal twenty weeks, yes 2-0) and I'm pretty doubtful they're going to hit it.  We are entering month 8 of living with my inlaws....
If you need me I'll be in a corner practicing deep breathing 

I would say See you in December, but since I'm late posting this and it IS December...see you in a few weeks :)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Who you are

Although it's a bit religious in some parts the message as a whole resonates deeply with me and I want to make sure some day to share this with Harper.  I AM awesome.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fifteen Months in pictures

Busy month boys and girls!!! I was looking back on last months post and Harper was in a bathing suit...this month in a snow hat....How did this happen so fast? I'm not ready for winter yet.  No really...we're still not in our house and I have NO WINTER CLOTHES!!! I'm not ready!!
Harper is growing by leaps and bounds! We have the dreaded 15 mo appointment (read: full of shots that I'm planning to request spacing out ) next week so I will know better her height but thanks to a QuickCare visit this past weekend I know that she's 24lbs. 
This will be our first visit with her new pediatrician, I'm praying he has a good sense of humor or I don't think it'll work out between us
Her signed vocabulary is still far ahead of her spoken vocabulary, but I'm told she will catch up in due time.  
Apparently I didn't knock on wood when I said my kid was a garbage disposal because in 30 short days she has turned herself into the worlds pickiest eater. Clearly she's not starving (umm 24 lbs remember?)  Can a child survive on chicken apple sausage, waffles and fruit alone? Well folks we're about to find out!!
Top loves are still her Cozy Coup, baby doll and books.  She loves ALL THE BOOKS! She's taken to bringing a pile of books to a corner and going through each one of them page by page.  I see a bean bag from Santa in her future!!

A lady always carries her purse

 At a photo shoot with Aunt Stacey

LOVES her baby doll

Benefit soccer game for the White Family at St Joe's 

 Team Sole Sisters taking 3rd place women's relay team...BOOM

Celebrating two years of wedded bliss.  We were told "Don't come home early" (Living with the inlaws does have some benefits!) so after a shishi dinner at Grace we hit up Rivalries for a beer and some Red Sox.  Next year I say we skip the fancy dinner and hit up 5 guys instead. Shaun loves selfies, can you tell?

Mowing the lawn with daddy at Nana's new Maine house

Seriously? Can we move in?


Loves Chipotle like her momma <3

Cousin Maddy turned F I V E this month, so they went out for a celebratory spin in the Gator. 
Women survivors

Little daredevil climbed the rock wall leading up to the slide all by herself (with me standing right behind her obv)

 Hanging with her buddy Owen at his new house (yes I have house envy)

Not feeling so hot...Quick Care here we come....oh hello inhalers we've missed you (not really)
I'm not ready for cold's been so nice to be illness free for a few months!

LL Bean pumkin fest.  Not really geared towards kids Harper's age but there were plenty of dogs and team mascots around so Harper was entertained anyway.

See you Chickens next month!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

14 Months

Age: 14 months 
Weight: 23 pounds 

First trip to camp was a success!  The family is fast outgrowing the living quarters up there (too soon for the kids to sleep outside in tents?) but fun was had by all.

Fun fact: The trails at Pineland Farms are in fact (BOB) stroller friendly.  Don't go expecting a leisurely walk however, both myself and my friend (who was pushing twins in a double BOB god love her) were drenched by the end of our "walk".  Also their cafe is amazing.  For $1 you can get an itty bitty baby cone of ice cream, perfect for 14 mo old you can see Harper whole heartedly agreed (totally my kid)

While Shaun and I were
off doing this:
Harper spent her first weekend away with her cousins

She had tons of fun on her weekend getaway (almost as much fun as we had on ours!!) playing with her cousins and all of their toys.  I'm pretty sure coming home was a big fat disappointment!
(The hubs and I are trying to keep from taking over the inlaws house while we're there so Harper's toys are pretty limited)

Favorite toys this month: After the above mentioned weekend with her cousins some of her toys just weren't cutting the mustard anymore.  She was obsessed with their cozy coupe and their bouncy horse.  We caved and bought her the cozy coupe but will probably hold out on the bouncy horse until Christmas (each toy is good for at least 45 min of play which in toddler time is like years)

The weekends have been gorgeous so we took Harper apple picking for the first time.

We paid for a peck...probably should have paid for a peck and 1/2.... Harper helped herself to trying each and every apple the orchard had to offer.  
We took a tractor ride...may or may not have had an apple cider donut or five...good times

Playing hide and go seek with daddy

This and that:

*Rarely do I pick Harper up in the same outfit I drop her off in (she's a slob, what can I say) This resulted in our first unintentional mama and mini matching outfits. I'm actually surprised this didn't happen sooner. I don't tend to buy her "baby" clothes, rather things I would wear :)

*Harper now knows 10+ signs.  What a HUGE help.  Instead of whining at me she'll come ask for "help" , tell me she wants to "eat" or "drink", or my personal favorite that she wants to "brush her teeth"

*While in general she's a garbage disposal she has started to excercise her will about what she will and won't eat (that's fun)

*Oh I love and hate you. We're going to battle soon, real soon.

*You know you're a mother when your out for a run and your ipod craps out and the first song that pops into your head is the theme song to "Daniel Tiger's neighborhood" 

See you next month!!!!