Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Little Baby Breton....the sequel

Look how happy Harper is that she's going to be a big sister....she has no idea what she's in for....
Don't be jealous of our sweaters, they were an intregal part of our super special Christmas card this year 

Well folks we enjoyed the ride so much the first time we bought tickets for another go round.  Please meet baby B2 due to make his/her appearance mid July 
Apparently Shaun and I like July babies ;)

BEFORE we had Harper Shaun and I knew that we wanted our children pretty close together.  My sister and I are just shy of two years apart and I've always loved the age difference (minus the high school years... those sucked).  And let's be honest, we had Harper when I was 34 and more than a few people were kind enough to point out that I had "old eggs" (thanks guys) so tick tick tick.  
AFTER Harper was born I was no longer sure how close I wanted these children, or if I even wanted two... 
(Thanks kid, those first few months were awful)
As we got some distance from the infant stage (I have to do that again? *shudder*) our two kid plan was back on track!

First race with B2

I found out I was pregnant 2 days before the Moose Pond 1/2 Marathon and was still in the "I feel totally FINE" stage so decided to go ahead and run the race.  I told my group that I had a pulled hammy *cough liar *cough and would be running it a bit slower, but Audrey had fallen for that line the first time I was pregnant so she was on to me and refused to let me run by myself.  God love her for staying with me, it ended up being quite a bit hotter that day than we had expected which made the race a bit more challenging.  I finished 2:02 and that included a stop to strip some layers and a break to walk up a MONSTER hill so although I was still hoping to come in under 2 hours I'll still callit a win.

What's different this time around?  Someone should have warned a sister how quickly you start to show the second time around!!! I was barely 5 sec pregnant and already wondering where my panel pants were.  It's as if my body said "oh pregnant! I remember how to do this!!! BOOM belly.  Awesome.  
Morning sickness? How about all day actively throwing up? That's fun.  With Harper I had some nausea, nothing like this though.  The ony thing that initially helped was carbs...feed me all the carbs please and thank you...this may also have been a contributing factor to the immediate belly?   Thank god for whomever discovered the magical wonders of the vitamin B6/Unisom combination.  It has literally saved my life and no that's not being dramatic (much)
I'm finding running to be a bit more challenging the second time around as well.  Yes it was challenging the first time around  for the shear fact that I was pregnant but when you factor in an active toddler it gets a bit more complicated.   Lucky for me Santa is bringing me a new treadmill for the new house :) 
I'm hoping to get myself in decent enough shape to run the Race the Runways 1/2 in April.  I ran it 6.5 mo pregnant with Harper so barring any complications I don't see any reason why I would be able to do it again. 

As soon as we are moved and settled into the new house I plan on starting the weekly updates again, I'm sure there will be plenty of times B2 will get short changed being the second kid, this doesn't need to be one of them ;)

Fasten your seat belts and please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.....


  1. i love this. im so happy for you guys! im an emotional wreck (in general) over wondering about a next one.

  2. I refused to even entertain the thought of bambino number two until Haper turned one. What makes you a wreck about it? You will be as "ready" for number 2 as you were for number 1....which is not at all (at least in my case anyway) ;)

  3. yayaya! Love this post! So happy for you guys!