Sunday, December 1, 2013

16 Months

Tis the season….to be late updating your blog.

This little bugger is 16 months old! Can you believe it??
Every month when I sit down to write my update I kick myself for not taking notes on how she's changed because it happens so quickly and let's be honest, by the end of the month I CRS….sorry folks.

I can tell you that her signed vocabulary continues to far exceed her spoken, although she chatters non-stop...not that any of us understand her…Does anyone speak baby?  My interpreting degree is not helping me out on this one!

Here's what else I can remember from this month (notes next month I promise)
We had some Christmas pictures taken.  Love this one but it didn't make the cut for the annual festivus card.

We said good bye to Miss Ashley, one of our favorite girls at daycare :(  She's off to greener pastures at CMMC as an RN on the Pediatric floor.
We also got 4 molars in the time span of 2 weeks, I say "we" because I suffered just as much as she did...  As cute as she is I would have sold her real cheap to the lowest bidder....she was miserable, hence the constant fingers/pacifier in the mouth.  I continue to Love/Hate that stupid thing.

We spent a some quality time outside 

Enjoyed some quality reading time with Maddie and Tyler

Daddy explained some of the finer points of the football game over lunch

Once the molars (finally) popped through she was back to her normal self and 
 has developed quite the sense of humor and is quite the comedian. 

We're trying to make the transition from two naps to one...this is a side effect of this transition....drop dead fall asleep anywhere...
(Groccery shopping was so easy this day, I hope she falls asleep EVERY time we go)

Seriously I think our house is beautiful and I will love love love it when it's DONE (key word here)
But honest to God people.  The contractor sold us on a 10-12 week timeline ....then halfway through requested a 10 week extension.  Their new deadline is Dec 9 (which will equal twenty weeks, yes 2-0) and I'm pretty doubtful they're going to hit it.  We are entering month 8 of living with my inlaws....
If you need me I'll be in a corner practicing deep breathing 

I would say See you in December, but since I'm late posting this and it IS December...see you in a few weeks :)