Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fifteen Months in pictures

Busy month boys and girls!!! I was looking back on last months post and Harper was in a bathing suit...this month in a snow hat....How did this happen so fast? I'm not ready for winter yet.  No really...we're still not in our house and I have NO WINTER CLOTHES!!! I'm not ready!!
Harper is growing by leaps and bounds! We have the dreaded 15 mo appointment (read: full of shots that I'm planning to request spacing out ) next week so I will know better her height but thanks to a QuickCare visit this past weekend I know that she's 24lbs. 
This will be our first visit with her new pediatrician, I'm praying he has a good sense of humor or I don't think it'll work out between us
Her signed vocabulary is still far ahead of her spoken vocabulary, but I'm told she will catch up in due time.  
Apparently I didn't knock on wood when I said my kid was a garbage disposal because in 30 short days she has turned herself into the worlds pickiest eater. Clearly she's not starving (umm 24 lbs remember?)  Can a child survive on chicken apple sausage, waffles and fruit alone? Well folks we're about to find out!!
Top loves are still her Cozy Coup, baby doll and books.  She loves ALL THE BOOKS! She's taken to bringing a pile of books to a corner and going through each one of them page by page.  I see a bean bag from Santa in her future!!

A lady always carries her purse

 At a photo shoot with Aunt Stacey

LOVES her baby doll

Benefit soccer game for the White Family at St Joe's 

 Team Sole Sisters taking 3rd place women's relay team...BOOM

Celebrating two years of wedded bliss.  We were told "Don't come home early" (Living with the inlaws does have some benefits!) so after a shishi dinner at Grace we hit up Rivalries for a beer and some Red Sox.  Next year I say we skip the fancy dinner and hit up 5 guys instead. Shaun loves selfies, can you tell?

Mowing the lawn with daddy at Nana's new Maine house

Seriously? Can we move in?


Loves Chipotle like her momma <3

Cousin Maddy turned F I V E this month, so they went out for a celebratory spin in the Gator. 
Women drivers...no survivors

Little daredevil climbed the rock wall leading up to the slide all by herself (with me standing right behind her obv)

 Hanging with her buddy Owen at his new house (yes I have house envy)

Not feeling so hot...Quick Care here we come....oh hello inhalers we've missed you (not really)
I'm not ready for cold season....it's been so nice to be illness free for a few months!

LL Bean pumkin fest.  Not really geared towards kids Harper's age but there were plenty of dogs and team mascots around so Harper was entertained anyway.

See you Chickens next month!!!


  1. hahaha...I'm with you...I'd pick a burger joint over a fancy restaurant any day! Super cute pictures!