Tuesday, October 1, 2013

14 Months

Age: 14 months 
Weight: 23 pounds 

First trip to camp was a success!  The family is fast outgrowing the living quarters up there (too soon for the kids to sleep outside in tents?) but fun was had by all.

Fun fact: The trails at Pineland Farms are in fact (BOB) stroller friendly.  Don't go expecting a leisurely walk however, both myself and my friend (who was pushing twins in a double BOB god love her) were drenched by the end of our "walk".  Also their cafe is amazing.  For $1 you can get an itty bitty baby cone of ice cream, perfect for 14 mo old hands....as you can see Harper whole heartedly agreed (totally my kid)

While Shaun and I were
off doing this:
Harper spent her first weekend away with her cousins

She had tons of fun on her weekend getaway (almost as much fun as we had on ours!!) playing with her cousins and all of their toys.  I'm pretty sure coming home was a big fat disappointment!
(The hubs and I are trying to keep from taking over the inlaws house while we're there so Harper's toys are pretty limited)

Favorite toys this month: After the above mentioned weekend with her cousins some of her toys just weren't cutting the mustard anymore.  She was obsessed with their cozy coupe and their bouncy horse.  We caved and bought her the cozy coupe but will probably hold out on the bouncy horse until Christmas (each toy is good for at least 45 min of play which in toddler time is like years)

The weekends have been gorgeous so we took Harper apple picking for the first time.

We paid for a peck...probably should have paid for a peck and 1/2.... Harper helped herself to trying each and every apple the orchard had to offer.  
We took a tractor ride...may or may not have had an apple cider donut or five...good times

Playing hide and go seek with daddy

This and that:

*Rarely do I pick Harper up in the same outfit I drop her off in (she's a slob, what can I say) This resulted in our first unintentional mama and mini matching outfits. I'm actually surprised this didn't happen sooner. I don't tend to buy her "baby" clothes, rather things I would wear :)

*Harper now knows 10+ signs.  What a HUGE help.  Instead of whining at me she'll come ask for "help" , tell me she wants to "eat" or "drink", or my personal favorite that she wants to "brush her teeth"

*While in general she's a garbage disposal she has started to excercise her will about what she will and won't eat (that's fun)

*Oh pacifier...how I love and hate you. We're going to battle soon, real soon.

*You know you're a mother when your out for a run and your ipod craps out and the first song that pops into your head is the theme song to "Daniel Tiger's neighborhood" 

See you next month!!!!

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  1. gotta love daniel tiger :) we just got a baby sign language dvd to watch, im excited! although henry has already started putting his hands to his mouth in some weird systematic way when hes hungry... hmmmm. love the matching outfit!