Monday, May 6, 2013

9 mo

AGE:  9 1/2 months (who cares about weeks anymore?)

Weight: Thanks to (yet another) cold she went from 19.2 to 18 lbs at her 9 mo appt

Length: honestly cannot remember at the moment.  I have it written down in my planner (which is in my car) so…yeah that sums up my motivation at the moment.

Favorite toy:  Zany zoo activity cube, great for practicing pulling herself up and standing over and over 50 million times!

Favorite activity: We officially have a crawler! So this months favorite activity is moving, crawling, pulling herself up, standing…really anything as long as it's go go go! 
It's fun to watch her get stuck (that's not the fun part, we're not that mean) start to cry and then it's as though all of a sudden it dawns on her that she can crawl and then ZOOOM off she goes!
Favorite book:  Easy--> Little Blue Truck.  We have read it every night for about a month now..she laughs every time without fail, I barely have to look at the pages anymore to read it.

This month Harper discovered: grass is fun to play on...

Sunglasses are kind of cool

and how to use a sippy cup!

#babeinamug on Instagram

Races:  No races planned unil June 23, it will be my first half since Harper…should be interesting:)

Looking forward to: Friday…it's the end of an era...

and baby showers are kind of fun! Our friends are going through a baby boom so we had a few to attend this month.  Looking forward to meeting all these future friends!!!!

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