Monday, March 25, 2013

8 mo

I dole out kisses to Jacques my penguin like nobody's business
but will I kiss mommy? Nooooooo
AGE:  35 Weeks

Weight: No idea...she's no feather weight! I'd guess 18lbs?

Length: Shaun and I just measured her last night 27"

Favorite toy:  Anything in the bathtub, and my phone if she can get her sticky paws on it

Favorite activity: SWIMMING! Seriously this girl is a fish!  Every Saturday morning I pull out her adorable bathing suit and she starts talking (read screaming) because she knows  where we're headed.  She kicks, flails, allows me to dunk her without protest and squeals when we do the "motorboat" song.  Worth every penny of the $64 class fee and early mornings at the Y :)
She and our neighbor's son are in the same swim class and to date they are the only two who haven't spent an entire class screaming (I probably just jinxed the last two classes... awesome).  

Favorite book:  Gram and Gramp bought her a book that quacks when you hit a button.  She thinks it's hilarious...I'm thinking about hiding it

This month Harper discovered: that being mobile just might be more fun than staying put.  I'd say she's days if not hours away from crawling, she just needs to figure out those legs of hers.  Once she does we're in trouble.

Races:  I have to be pretty choosey about races this year.  Shaun works every Saturday, and since most races are NOT stroller friendly that eliminates about half of the races I love to do (buh-bye Beach2Beacon and Clam Festival) Luckily all my favorite half marathons are on Sundays :)

Looking forward to:   Warmer weather please and thank you :)  

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