Monday, February 25, 2013

Lucky number 7

Heeeeey I'm 7 months old and feeling SO MUCH BETTER!!

AGE:  31 Weeks

Weight: Lost a little weight while she was sick, last check was 17lbs

Length: No clue, but I do know that we were in size 6mo clothes for a hot second before needing to bust out the 9 mo clothes.  This is why I'm always nervous to "buy ahead" when there are good sales, it is impossible to predict her size and my luck I would guess wrong!

Favorite toy:  She still likes to get a good jump in but is favoring anything with a satin "taggie" on it

Favorite activity: "THHHHHHBBBBT"  I've come to really enjoy this new found talent when paired with dinner time and she has a mouth full of food....not so much

Favorite book:  Her new love bug cloth book set.  **Unrelated** taking her down the toy aisle at Babies R Us is so much fun but dangerous  on the wallet.  Her eyes light up and she gives a gleeful "ooh! ooh! ooh!" to every toy you show her, you just want to buy her everything!

This month Harper discovered: that teething really rots, I have to say I agree.  We have one bottom tooth poking through already and luckily she's still very happy and good natured.  But you can tell by the way she rubs anything and everything on her gums that it hurts her.  And the drool? Good lord...

Races: Irish Road Rover 5K this weekend.  Harper will be staying with daddy while I run this race, no way am I pushing her up the Eastern Prom hill.  I am desperate for weather that I am able to take her running with me again...come on SPRING!!!!

Looking forward to:   Harper's first St. Patrick's Day!!!! She may be Italian and French but she's half Irish!!!  
Momma learned this month: Harper can sleep anywhere...including in a shopping cart at Walmart.

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