Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Remember the time you were sick?

...really sick. As in "uh oh we better go to urgent care" sick

Oh baby girl...
What we thought would be a quick visit to quick care (haha.. really they need to rename this clinic, it's misleading) for a high fever turned into a diagnosis of bronchilitis and a one way ticket to your very own crib on the pediatric floor.
your very own cage...errr crib

After 24 hours of monitoring, respiratory therapy and some bad hospital food, we were on our way home… HOORAY!
If you squint real hard you can see daddy's 8" tv

We let you watch shameful amounts of tv on the iPad…don't judge

You handled the whole experience like the champ that you are…
The nice Dr's let us go home Sunday afternoon.  It was in the nick of time really, daddy wasn't all that excited of the prospect of watching the Superbowl on that sad little tv!  We thought you were out of the woods….


Our follow up with your pediatrician Tuesday morning got us sent right back to the pediatric floor…same floor, same sad little tv, where we have been ever since. You were working too hard to breathe and your oxygen was low.  Because of that you weren't really feeling like eating and had lost a pound since your last appointment 3 weeks ago.

The Dr's ran some tests and discovered that you were RSV positive.  Now we knew the root cause of the bronchilitis.

So here we wait.  Wait for you to kick this nasty thing that's got you so sick.  It's no fun being being so helpless, cooped up in the hospital but are in good hands.  Looking forward to seeing your smile again and blowing this popsicle joint for good!
Feel better baby girl

Love Mommy


  1. oh man! feel better harper!! i wish she was my patient ;) hang in there mommy and daddy <3

    1. too Danielle!! The RT's have been good for the most part but we wish it was you!!