Tuesday, March 25, 2014

24 weeks

How far along: 24 weeks 2 days

Gender: BOY

Weight: Status quo from last week, 13 pounds total right on target from last pregnancy

Maternity clothes: Nothing new here, it's all stretchy waist bands and shirts with side rouching (blech).  My issue these days is with running clothes.  I have enough long running tanks to get the job done but due to how much lower Bruce is sitting pants/shorts are causing a real issue.  I have a hard time justifying spending money on bigger shorts due to how long I'll be wearing them but I also have a long way to go and have to buy something...TJMaxx here I come!

Stretch marks: none so far 

Belly button in or out: Innie...for now

Sleep: As long as it's just the hubs and I in bed I sleep just fine...on the rare occassion we bring tsunami Harper into bed with us we start wondering what all the co-sleeping hype is about, get out of my bed kid!!

Worst moment this week: attending the wake of a dear friends father.  I am a classic sympathy crier. Left to my own devices I'm as stoic as they come.  Put me in a room where someone else is crying...forget about it.  Add pregnancy hormones to that and it's game over before I've even started.  Shaun and I were saying the other day that in our 5 short years together we've averaged 1-2 funerals a year...we'd like a few years off please and thank you.

Best moment of the week: I think probably the most fun moment this week was taking Harper for her first haircut. She was enthralled with everything in the store and sat like a little lady while they chopped off her baby mullet :) (More details in Harper's 20 mo update)

Miss anything: Reisling.period.

Cravings: still loving my cereal and cucumber sandwiches. 

Anything making you sick/queasy: nothing, not one thing.  I can even eat chicken!!

Looking forward to: This weekend is the first in a 6 week stretch of busy weekends. First up celebrating the upcoming arrival of baby boy McPheters!! Mommy gets two free hours to oooh and ahhh of baby stuff while all the daddy's entertain the littles at another location mwahaha

different this time around: IIIIIIITCHY dry skin.  I think this has less to do with it being a second pregnancy and more to do with the fact that it has been a loooong flipping cold winter.  Either way this mama is in some dire need of some sunshine.  My dr also confirmed at my last appointment that I'm in fact measuring right on track despite my feelings of being larger this time around.

Weekly comparison: 

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  1. youre just so super cute :) i had SUCH itchy skin! it must be the boy.... and dont take my pic this morning as a bad thing, boys are awesome!