Monday, March 17, 2014

Harper 19 months

Apparently I can't get my act in gear to sit down and write about my sweet girl and what she's been up to.  Every time I mean to the whirling dirvish (Harper herself) distracts me and *poof* I forget and hope to do it another day.  Since we're almost into her 20th month I'll save the full update for then and in the meantime hopefully pictures will do :)
She really did love her valentine from cousin Maddie

Nice try little one but it's upside down

Reading books with Tyler in her circus tent

Jam....mmmm good

damn nebulizer, thought I'd seen the last of you!!

train em young and put em to work!!!

I can't move my arms!!!

Practicing for little brother 
Brand new step stool = big helper in the kitchen

Look what's for dinner!

warming up my running shoes on race morning

OBSESSED with this doll, she hugged it in the box all the way through the store

See you in a few days with a REAL update (pinky promise)

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