Tuesday, April 1, 2014

25 weeks

How far along: 25 weeks 2 days

Gender: Boy :)

Weight:  Slow and steady with just shy of a pound

Maternity clothes:  I'm finding that my shirts are all too SHORT!!! Since I'm not one to walk around with my belly hanging out I had to make a pit stop into Gap this weekend to pick up some purebody tanks, by far my most favorite underlayer (bonus when they're 40% off!)

Stretch marks: none thank you very much

Belly button in/out: threatening to become an outtie :(

Sleep:  Shaun says I remind him of our old dog Bishop these days.  Takes me a few rotations to finally settle into a comfortable spot but when I do it's lights out.  So happy to hear I remind him of our dog..

Worst moment of the week:  My unfiltered moment of the week...instead of recreating the wheel I'll copy and paste the story as I told it to my friend V....
Saturday I hit up Old Navy to buy Harper some tshirts and leggings that daycare could send home ruined without me almost losing my schmidt (we've lost three good shirts in the past two weeks and I'm like ugh!)

Old Navy is at the mall and parking is TOUGH! They have 3 prime parking spots right in front of the entrance to the store for expectant mothers (Holla!)  I never use these spots before I'm actually showing because I feel like a fraud.  Even when I'm with Shaun I tend to not use the spots because I feel like someone else should get to.  But if it's just Harper and I? Yes maam I'll take it!

So anyway we arrive to Old Navy and I can see there's one "mama" spot left but the car in front of me takes it...dang!!! I drive around and find another spot further away, unload Harper and off we go to the store.  As we're walking up to the store I see a DUDE getting out of the car, no pregnant lady with him,  just a dude and a toddler.  SAY WHAT!?!?!

I did what any logical pregnant woman shleppping a 20 month old into the store would do... I unzipped my jacket so the baby bump was on full display and I walked in front of his car right next to the "EXPECTANT MOTHER" sign and stopped....pointed to the sign, pointed to my belly... and said "Would have been really nice if I could have parked here"  and walked away.


Best moment of the week: might have also been my unfiltered moment above :) 
Also Sunday we drove down to NH for a good friends baby shower.  Shaun dropped me off and he and Harper spent the afternoon with our friends husband and son.  Great times were had by all.

Miss anything:  Sunday morning we were fixing a light in our bedroom and Shaun asked me to reach something under our bed...and I couldn't.  If only I could have laid on my stomach.....

Craving: Strawberries in my cereal, yummmm and oh by the way is it grilling season yet?

Anything making you sick/nauseous?  I think we may be able to put a permanent  nada down for this one.  The past 5-6 weeks have been glorious!!

Looking forward to: Saturday, period.  
Oh and the hubs has his annual "layoff" week this week so I suspect a whole lot of projects are about to get done around the house!

Different this time around: Back pain...oh mylanta the back pain....

Weekly comparison:

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