Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Harper 20 months

Look who's 20 months old!!

Height/weight: No earthly idea.  She's eating and I'm having to buy new clothes so it would be a safe bet to say she's growing!!  

Health: The stomach bug has made it's rounds through our house twice this winter and we've landed ourselves in the Dr's office once or twice but compared to the MULTIPLE times (we're talking double digits) we had to last year I won't complain.  
Harper's daycare has been plagued by illness for most of the winter so honestly I think we lucked out (knocking on everything wooden ever known to man kind).  It got so bad I showed up to daycare one morning to find this on the door: 
...Balls.  The daycare was down to HALF their normal providers which is obviously under state code so they had to shut down for the day and disinfect the ENTIRE facility.  Nothing like scrambling to find child care coverage when you're also trying to make it to work on time (Grandpa to the rescue!!!)

Clothes: It's the strangest thing...I hold up size 2T and I think to myself "that's WAY to big for Harper" and then I put a pair of 18 mo pants on her and they're capris?? Seems I might just have to face the facts and pull out the 2T bin of clothing. (See? proof that she IS growing!)
Reese's 2nd birthday party

Sleep: Like a champ.  7:00 it's two books and a little bit of a show then at 7:30 it's hugs, kisses and LIGHTS OUT...see ya at 6:00am.  Let's hope this continues when we transition her to a BIG GIRL BED this week...

Milestones: This little girls independence never ceases to amaze me.  She has weekly chores that she does: cleans her room, puts her dirty laundry in the basket, takes care of her own dishes after mealtimes and gets the mail every day (we train em young in the Breton household).  Her language is exploding (both signed and spoken) she is now spontaneously using "please" and "thank you" appropriately without prompts which says to me she "gets it".  She's starting to run and jump and makes attempts at skipping but..well we're still working on that one.  Her tibial torsion kind of gets in the way of her running but the dr is keeping an eye on it feels that it will straighten itself all it needs is time and gravity.
Little miss independent decided that while I did my hair she would finish her breakfast while watching a show.  She didn't spill one drop! Att girl :)

Baby gear love: I'm kind of at a loss for this section this month.  There isn't any particular gear that I'm loving right now aside from the usual things we use, stroller, backpack, sled etc etc.  I'm thinking we're about to enter the season of OMG I LOVE HER NEW TRICYCLE!!! though and I'm sure the cozy coup is about to make another appearance!

Outings: As per the norm Harper and I are always out and about.  This month she had her very first haircut (bye bye baby mullet) My mom asked me if I cried and I laughed and said "no! do people really cry about that??"  I've never been one to get weepy when big milestones hit or when we move out of one phase and into another.  Who has time to cry about it when the next thing happening is so exciting and fun to watch??

Tin snips was great and Harper was enthralled by all the things to look at but $12?? The appointment lasted all of 2 min, long enough for me to get her to look down and SNIP! They gave me her hair in a packet and took her picture but $12??? 

Diapers: Size 5 Pampers.  I've tried them all and am a die hard Pampers fan.  They don't leak, they don't feel cheap, and at Sam's club I get the most bang for my buck.

Diet: Toddlers are fickle.  Some days we struggle and the next day I'll try the same food and she gobbles it down and asks for more.  I've learned to look at the big picture of the whole week instead of focusing on the day to day.  One of my biggest mistakes was that I was presenting Harper with her entire meal at the same time.  She would (of course) go straight for the carbs/starches and fruit and then say "all done" without touching most of the veggies or any meat/protein.  I was getting reports from daycare that she was eating all of her lunch (veggies and protein included) so I asked them to PLEASE share their secret.  They said the rule at lunch time is "nutritious before delicious" so they are served the less popular items first and then they move on to the delicious stuff.  GENIUS!!! Following that rule has been a game changer at meal times. (Why didn't I ask sooner?)
When you eat nutritious you get a delicious OREO for dessert
Loves loves loves her daddy
Likes: Daddy, Playdoh, Bubble guppies, tinkerbell (ugh hate that little fairy), being outside and phones..oh lord does she love phones.  She brings a phone to bed with her (we only allow one) and god forbid it fall out of the crib...it's the only thing that will wake her at night.  We'll hear her sobbing "Noooo....nooooooo....phone!" it's kind of comical.  I'm not quite sure where this love of talking on the phone comes from, if she was obsessively texting I'd totally take the blame but I'm not a big talk on the phone person and neither is Shaun.
Exhibit A: 4...count em FOUR phones that travel with us daily

Exhibit B: "talking" on the phone to daddy

Dislikes: Well....she's a toddler.  We have meltdowns about things unbeknownst to me...perhaps the wind is blowing East instead of NorthWest  who knows.  She hates having dirty hands which makes playdoh a double edge sword for her.  LOVES playing with it but doesn't like it when it sticks to her fingers.  She's still not a big fan of being told "no" but I'm not a big fan of letting my toddler run the house so she's going to have to get used to it :)  

These sunglasses, totally Zsa Zsa Gabore but they're the ONLY pair she will keep on so miami socialite it is!
See you next month!!

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  1. Oh how much do I love that Harper has chores! That is simply amazing. The hubs and I were just saying the other day how we want to follow your parenting manual when it is our turn. Awesome post. She is simply adorable!