Tuesday, April 15, 2014

27 weeks

How far along: 27 weeks 2 days

Gender: Boy

Weight gain: 1.5 lbs this week for a grand total of 16.5 lbs (.5 less than last time so I'm right on track)

Maternity clothes: For sure

Stretch marks: Still good in that department

Belly button in or out: sigh....out.

Sleep: I am sleeping remarkably well.  I make it through about 5 min of Gray's Anatomy on Netflix before I'm out for the count

Worst moment of the week: I'm pretty sure every time I do a monthly update on Harper and comment how "Hooray she hasn't been sick for awhile" BOOM she gets sick.  We battled her latest cold for about a week and had a one or two AWFUL nights (where no one got any sleep) but she's back to feeling like her spunky self again.

Best moment of the week: I had the unexpected opportunity to spend an extra day with Shaun and Harper...no plans just the three of us.  Sadly this doesn't happen that often when your husband works as much as mine does so we enjoyed every minute.
Ok so maybe Harper doesn't look all that thrilled but Shaun and I were clearly having fun!!
Miss anything: My old clothes....my old body....my old bladder

Cravings: My thai food craving has reared it's ugly head again this week, still having my nightly bowl of cheerios with banana

Sick or queasy:  Interesting I woke up one morning this week and felt like I was going to be sick.  It didn't feel like your run of the mill pregnancy nausea rather it felt like it was because I was hungry.  I did end up getting sick but was fine after I had breakfast.  Thinking back to the night before I had skipped my pre-bed snack....guess I won't be doing that again (twist my arm)

Looking forward to: My Glucose test being over with today so I can enjoy ALL the Easter candy!
Busy weekend coming up again! Hurricane Claire (my mom) is set to touch down this Saturday for about a week as well as a triple birthday celebration this coming Saturday for my nephew and my friends twins and of course EASTER on Sunday!  Rarely do I get to celebrate holidays with my mom so this holiday will be special and our first one hosted in our new house! 
Can't wait to see Harper in all her Easter egg hunting glory!

Different this time around: The growth of the *ahem* girls is a little bit out of control, I've gone up 3 cup sizes since October :/
Running related: I remember at this point in my pregnancy with Harper I was finding running to be increasingly difficult.  My belly was heavier and I was having alot of BH while running and would be sore after.  This time around I'm finding it not as difficult.  Sure I'm rocking a 10:30 min/mile pace but I can still knock out 5-6 miles without feeling like I want to die the next day or so and I give total credit for that to the upgraded maternity belt I've been wearing this time around.  It sure isn't sexy but it's obviously doing the trick.  One more race on the calendar in 3 weeks and then I think my "race" days are over until "Bruce" arrives although I'll keep running as long as possible.

Weekly comparison:

Um yes...bigger

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  1. I love the family selfie and you look beautiful. Get ready to say hello to the third trimester!!