Tuesday, April 8, 2014

26 weeks

Race the Runways 2012 and 2014, I'd like to try this race again NOT pregnant!

How far along: 26 weeks 2 days

Gender: B.O.Y

Weight: Roughly a pound for 15 pounds total

Maternity clothes: Regular clothes yes, running clothes no --> making due with bigger sizes

Stretch marks: No and hush your mouth about any

Belly button in or out: Outtie when I cough

Sleep:  Still no issues sleeping (thank you lord).  Working full time, running AND chasing around a toddler has an amazing impact on your ability to crash at the end of the day

Worst moment of the week: Friday night before my half marathon Harper started sneezing.  For any other child this is not a big deal. Mine? Well that's another story.  Shaun and I looked at each other and thought "ugh great".  Sneezing for Harper is an indicator that she's coming down with something.  Sure enough the next morning (half marathon morning) she was a hot mess.  We got some tylenol onboard and headed out for the race and hoped for the best.  As always she was a pretty happy kid regardless of being sick and running a 102 temp but it can make for some long nights and of course we're back on the inhaler/nebulizer again.

Best moment of the week: This week was Shaun's annual lay off week from the Post Office.  He typically works such long crazy hours six days a week that it  was a real treat to see how the other half lives ;)  As always he was very productive and got his whole "Honey do" list done and as an added bonus I didn't have to pick up/drop off at daycare ONE time and dinner was always ready.  He'd make one heck of a househusband I tell you, but I think he's going a bit stir crazy and is ready to go back to work :)
My other best moment would of course be my successful completion of the Race the Runways 1/2 marathon (recap below and pics above)

Miss anything: I would LOVE to be missing the back pain I'm having

Craving anything:  Shaun found a recipe for avacado deviled eggs so of course I am craving those now...

Looking forward to: This weekends main event is the baby shower for my friend Steph and her little girl Avery due to arrive mid May :)

Different this time around: I'm closing in on the end of my second trimester so the big thing I'm noticing is how fast time is flying!!

Race recap: A HUGE big thank you to my girl Melissa for running this race with me.  Despite my best efforts sometimes I tend to forget that 26 weeks pregnant is NOT the time to be aggressively pushing oneself in a race so she was there to keep me in check.  I'll save you the mile by mile replay but the bottom line is that even with two porta potty breaks and four 30 second walk breaks I still finished in 2:12:23 -->4 minutes FASTER than in 2012! I only have one more official race in the books, the Mother's Day 5k  (another pregnant racing tradition, I will be 31 weeks pregnant) but am more than happy to be retiring double digit mileage until after Bruce is born :)

Weekly comparison: 

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