Tuesday, April 29, 2014

29 Weeks

How far along:  29 weeks 2 days

Gender: Boy

Weight gain: -.2 lb for a total of 18 lbs.

Maternity clothes: over it....seriously.  Every morning I look in my closet and groan.  I feel like I recycle the same outfits over and over and over again.  I have bins upon bins of my regular clothes downstairs calling my name....

Stretch marks: none thank you very much.  I laugh when I think about the $$ I spent on fancy lotions that would supposedly prevent me from getting stretch marks...this time around? Good ol' Jergens every day with the same exact result....ahhhh what a rookie.

Belly button: Outtie 

Sleep: Sleep is fantastic (minus waking up with this hacking cough I can't seem to shake)

Worst moment of the week: Well this is more like a best/worst combo.  Saturday we celebrated the life of my grandfather.  Let me just say that in my experience funerals + pregnant lady hormones = hot blubbery mess.   Isn't it sad that I actually have experience with this?  I will say that I did remarkably well this time holding it together...until they did the military honors.  That ceremony always gives me goosies and tipped me over my hormonal edge and tears were shed.  It was a lovely service filled with god awful singing (we Damon's are not known for our vocal prowess).  He will be very very missed <3

Best moment of the week: Also a best/worst combo.  Due to the bereavement time given to me by my company I had 1/2 Wed, and all of Th and Fri off last week.  This gave me some good quality time with the munchkin and also time to visit with my mom and Rick who happened to be in town from Texas to open up their new lake house.  
**Side note: SAHM I don't know how you do it.  I am now convinced I am a better mother for working.  Enough said.

Miss anything: Endless clothing options (Breton, pity party of one)

Cravings: Cheerios and strawberries...every night please and thank you.  

Anything making you sick or queasy:  Still trying to shake the last remnants of the cold Harper gave me last week.  

Looking forward to: Picked up some fabric for my sister to make "Bruce" some baby blankets (seriously they're amazing, if you want one let me know!) Can't wait to see them!
Running: 16 miles this week including a "long" run of 5 miles!  Now many of my friends are gearing up for marathon season and 16 miles is like one days worth of running for them but let me assure you running 3-4  miles at a time while toting nearly 20 extra pounds,  constantly needing to pee and getting karate kicked from the inside is quite a feat!

Different this time around:  As I was answering the sleep category above it occurred to me that my ability to sleep well this far along in the pregnancy is VASTLY different from last time.  I believe at this point pregnant with Harper the hubs has perfected the art of pillow nest making so that I could get a few hours sleep at night.  This time around?  My head hits the pillow and it's lights out!  This is a very very very welcome change :)

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