Tuesday, May 6, 2014

30 weeks

How far along: 30 weeks 2 days

Gender: BOY  

Weight:  1.4 for a total of 19.4.  For the past three weeks I've showed large weight gain Tuesday morning when I do my weekly weigh in only to find the number is significantly lower Wed morning after a day of buckling down and getting the proper fluid intake (for some reason I find weekends hard to get all my water).  We'll see if this holds true tomorrow.

Maternity clothes: Busted out the spring/summer stash and packed up the winter preggo pants FOREVER!!

Stretch marks: Still good in this department

Belly button in or out: O-U-T

Sleep:  Definitely noticing a change in my sleep this week.  I'm having to get up more to pee in the middle of the night and overall just more restless.

Worst moment of the week:  Hands down the worst moment this week was my creepy encounter with another customer in Dunkin Donuts.  I caught her and her 5(?) year old daughter staring at me and when I looked over she took that as permission to open the floodgates.  She proceeded to tell me she was also pregnant, 3 mo along (even pulled up her shirt to show me her bare belly to prove it) and then proceeded to recount her entire reproductive history, miscarriages stillbirths and all, and told me she hopes this ones a boy and makes it because "all the dead ones have been girls".  
Yes I'm still having nightmares....

Best moment of the week: I've hit that stage of pregnancy where I constantly have an elbow...knee...butt...head....poking out or jamming me in the ribs.  It is at the same time holy crap uncomfortable and very very cool.  Because my uterus is being retired after this baby I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible.

Miss anything: That great sleep I've been raving about until this week :/

Cravings: still going strong with the Cheerio and strawberry prebed snack.

Anything making you sick/queasy: Nada

Running: Ended the week with 15 miles.  Last "race" this coming Sunday :)  In other news I am quickly running out of running clothes that fit....

Looking forward to: Celebrating birthdays and Mother's day this weekend

Different this time around: Well the old bladder ain't what she used to be that's for sure....we'll leave it at that.

Weekly comparison:

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