Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Harper 22 months

Sup people, I'm almost 2

Age: 22 months 

Height/weight:  Not quite sure about the height but thanks to the scale at the hospital I know she weighs 28 lbs 

Health:  Another day....another cold...another trip to the hospital for breathing issues.  Such is our life.  Here's to hoping (and praying) she outgrows this and that her brother does not inherit the same issues!  (Otherwise she's doing great)

Clothing:  Time to start breaking out the summer attire!!! All the lingering 18 mo items have been donated or have been handed down to friends and when I do buy clothes for her it's all 3T...so big!

Sleep/Milestones:  Harper has FINALLY been called up to the big leagues (aka Toddler 2) at daycare.  Her previous room was 12-24ish mo and although she's not quite 24 mo yet she was the oldest in the room by 3+ months and honestly kind of bored I think.  I really advocated for her to be transitioned early so that she wasn't switching rooms right at the same time little brother came home and as soon as another child moved up she moved on in....what a difference!!! Her language is already taking off and her sleep? Let's just say that keeping up with 2-3 1/2 year olds is giving her a run for her money...3+ hour naps daily now as opposed to the 1.5 hour ones we were getting before.  The downside to being with older kids?--> Miss thing has had no shortage of sass since moving into the new room. Coincidence? I think not.

Baby gear love: This thing --> 
This little gem is the Radio Flyer 4 in 1 trike.  I have been looking at this contraption since just before she was 1 but balked at the $99 price tag.  It's the kind of bike that grows with you (stage 3 is shown above).  Harper is now at an age where she wants to be riding something but doesn't quite have the whole peddling thing down yet.  Shaun and I both spent a few weekends hunched over pushing her on other bikes, big wheels etc etc...trust me when I say the push bar in the back is the shmidt!  My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner!  Harper asks to go for a ride every day...worth the money and then some.

First Movie!!! 
We knew it would either be awesome or awesomely awful so we picked a Sunday matinee at Smitty's so that it wouldn't be crowded and she'd have her own huge seat to squirm around on.  She ended up in my lap the whole movie go figure, but thanks to a steady stream of snacks and a cute movie it was a success!!

First walk into the ocean
I love the ocean...I really do, and Harper had a great time as well, but with this little gem at the end of my street I forsee us spending more time there.  No parking...no crowds...forgot something? No problem I'll just run home and get it.  Especially with an infant on the way this is a win/win!

Nana's new lake house! Lots of bedrooms and bathrooms and a child friendly yard to play on? Thanks for buying us your new digs in Maine!!
The playground!! 
This little playground is less than .25 miles from our new house, you should hear this child squeal when realizes where we are "SLIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!"

Diapers: Still a size 5.  I've begun the fun (ahem expensive) process of buying a case of diapers for both kids at the same time....potty training anyone? Speaking of which, they have her trying at school because that's what the big kids do and we try at home as well.  Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't.  Nothing we're ready to push yet.

Diet: We're in a good groove right now.  She's eating without much protest so hopefully we're over the "picky" hump...for now at least.  I'm sure she'll throw another curve ball at me right around the time I have a screaming infant to contend with as well :)

Snacks with cousin Tyler

Likes: First and foremost this girl loves rocks...yes rocks.  Every single time she steps outside the first thing she does is pick up a rock which she then holds for the duration of whatever we're doing or wherever we're going.  We've had to tell her that rocks live outside so that we could stop finding them all throughout the house.  She also loves all of the above activities (playground, beach, bike etc etc) drawing on driveway

Bubble guppies, coloring, brushing her teeth, playing in her tent with daddy and destroying her brother's room :)  Oh and ice cream....girl loves some ice cream (have no idea where she gets that from). 

Dislikes: Having to be patient for anything.  When she gets really upset (remember that sass I told you about? mmmm hmmmm) I can tell her to stop and take a breath and honest to god she does...and most times keeps on crying after but still.  It's the funniest thing ever, I keep trying to get it on video.  It's also been confirmed after more than a dozen tries she HATES red sauce in any form on any food (weirdo, she gets that from her father)

Putting on makeup and kissing boys....they grow up so fast....see you next month!!

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