Wednesday, June 4, 2014

34 weeks

How far along: 34 weeks 3 days

Gender: BOY

Weight gain: 1.2 -->23.6 total (gulp)

Maternity clothes: Duh

Stretch marks: *sniff* yes *sniff*   This was a source of a teeny tiny (HUGE) meltdown this week.  I had been feeling as though my poor stomach was just stretched to the absolute max for the past few days when one morning I got out of the shower and was applying my daily lotion....HO-LY SHMIDT....there they were two tiiiiiny stretch marks on either side of my belly button.... "Bruce" is clearly not the little peanut his sister was and I won't be escaping unscathed as I did the first time around.  Bikini's are overrated right??

Belly button: It's out..staying out.

Sleep:  Been sleeping pretty decent despite it getting increasingly difficult to shift from one side to the other.  

Worst moment of the week:  Work has been BUUUUUSY!!! The past two weeks have been the final push at my morning job.  I know I will appreciate the extra money during maternity leave but mama is TI-RED!!

Best moment of the week:  This: 

Watching students I've worked with all year graduate is very special and interpreting at Merrill Auditorium isn't bad either ;)  
(Three cheers for NOT falling off that little box they had us stand on!!)

Miss anything: Unrestricted mobility

Cravings:  Iced coffee.  Yummmmm.  Shaun's become quite the barista so that I don't have to keep buying my iced coffee, what a guy!

Anything making you sick or queasy: My new stretch marks wahhhhhhhhh!

Running:  9 miles for the week.  Still feeling good while running but I'm noticing that it's taking me longer to "recover" from even 3 miles.  We'll keep plugging along until something changes :)

Looking forward to: I'll miss the paycheck from my morning job but that job being over for the school year means I'm down to 4 day work weeks until I'm out on maternity leave.  Yes please and thank you!!

Different this time around: Nothing really, everything seems pretty par for the course 

Weekly comparison: 

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