Tuesday, June 10, 2014

35 weeks

How far along: 35 weeks 2 days 

Gender: Baby boy

Weight: 1lb --> 24.6 lbs total and feeling every oz

Maternity clothes: Meh

Stretch marks: Well....at least they haven't gotten any bigger?

Belly button in or out: 

Sleep:  Sleeping pretty well despite the recent rise in temperature but I have found that regardless of what time I go to bed I am AWAKE at 4:45 with no hope of falling back asleep.

Worst moment of the week: Ahhhhh so nice that it finally feels a bit like summer!!! However with the heat comes swelling and swelling for me = cankles with capital C.  Not my most attractive look.

Best moment of the week: My SIL was kind enough to take the little lady off my hands for the weekend so that I could go to a bridal shower on Saturday and the hubs and I could go on our first date since....ummmm...our anniversary in October <-- 8 months ago eek!!
We went to dinner and bowling with friends, supported other friends competing in their first triathlon and spent a few hours meandering through the Old Port Festival (even saw a marriage proposal!)  By Sunday afternoon we were missing our girl and ready for her to come home but dang it was good to be footloose and fancy free for a weekend....probably our last for quite awhile.

Miss anything: My lovely slim ankles

Cravings: Seafood.  Satisfied that craving at the Old Port Fest.  Shaun and I went to the Portland Lobster Company to watch a band I've been wanting to see for quite some time.  He went to get a beer for himself (jerk) and a soda for me and also came back with a delicious lobster roll for me which I scarfed down in roughly 2.2 seconds.  Had he told me he spent $18 on the damn thing I would have given it the attention a sandwich of that price deserves.

Anything making you sick/queasy: There isn't any one "thing" making me feel sick/queasy but I have had bouts of just not feeling "well".  The other night when we were out to dinner I just felt dizzy and just off.  Since then I have had similar sporadic episodes but I'm chalking it up to the heat and being well...pregnant!

Running: I managed a solid 9 miles this week.  I was no longer running at this point in my pregnancy with Harper so I consider this a milestone to be proud of :)

Looking forward to: My first 4 day work week, a lovely ladies 1st birthday this Saturday and a trip to the lake house for Father's Day :)

Different this time around: I'm still running (thank you Bad Larry) and "Bruce's" room isn't finished yet (oops) otherwise everything else seems about the same.

Weekly comparison: 

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