Tuesday, June 24, 2014

37 weeks

How far along: 37 weeks 2 days

Gender: Boy

Weight: As promised I drank my water like a good girl this week and am pretty sure my weight is accurate this week.  My two week weight gain is a whopping 3.6lbs for 28.2 lb total weight gain...1.5 weeks to go....

Maternity: Maxi skirts are my uniform of choice.  I have 3 great ones that are in constant rotation.

Stretch marks: Um yeah.  Like I said 1.5 weeks to go

Belly button in or out: No change here

Sleep:  Still sleeping very well thank goodness.  Most days if I put myself to bed at a reasonable hour I wake up feeling rested...I'll enjoy that while it lasts!

Best/ Worst moment of the week:  This weeks a combo: As large as I feel I was shocked when my OB told me that I'm actually measuring 2 weeks behind where I should be.  When you measure more than a week behind for 3 consecutive OB visits you earn yourself a free ticket to Maternal Fetal Medicine for an ultrasound which luckily for me they scheduled first thing the very next morning.  I had been through this before with Harper so I wasn't AS worried as I had been the first time as my Dr very accurately put it "You probably just make small babies BUT we'd rather be overly cautious than neglegent".  Sure thing Doc, I can get on board with that reasoning.  I haven't heard back from the Doc yet, but from what the ultrasound tech told me the fluid levels and cord flow were both great and that's what they're looking for.  She said he was measuring in the 14% (10% is where they become concerned) and her best guess at his weight was 5lbs and change.  So it looks as though Shaun and I just make really small babies and DEFINITELY over shot the mark when we bought a size 3 mo coming home outfit!  

Miss anything: I'd really like to go out for a nice long run (more on that below)

Cravings: Cherries.  I was just talking to my sister in law about how much I looooove cherries but refuse to pay $7+ a pound for them.  It was my lucky day Saturday when I found them on sale at Hannaford for $2.99 a lb!!! I may have already eaten the whole bag and just might be stopping at the store on the way home for more....just maybe.

Anything making you sick or queasy:  Not really

Running: One 3 mile run this week and that.was.it.  womp womp womp.  As you can tell from my weight gain this past week it was a big growth spurt week for Bruce (which is good, the little peanut needs to pack on some lbs) just walking around was triggering some good Braxton Hicks and I was pretty uncomfortable so I didn't push it.  I didn't realize how much that physical activity had helped to keep the pregnancy crazies at bay until I took a week off .... ohmygosh....did a nice hill workout last night and feel MUCH better today :)

Looking forward to: My mom and her husband arrived safe and sound from Texas and are at their lake house for the next three weeks.  Looking forward to kicking up my feet by the water and letting my mother chase the Terrible Two monster around for a little bit :D

Different this time around: Well apparently nothing!! Small babies, ultrasounds...the whole nine...I"m having some serious dejavu!!

Weekly comparison: 

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  1. I'm sure you're not surprised that I'm eating cherries while reading this update. I can't believe you only have 1.5 weeks to go!