Tuesday, May 13, 2014

31 Weeks

How far along: 31 weeks 2 days

Gender: boy

Weight: well on the upside the strawberry shortcake, hot fudge sundae and coffee shake I had throughout my birthday weekend were FAB-U-LOUS, the downside is that I packed on a solid 1.6lbs this week for a grand total of 21lbs 
****Correction--> Somebody got a talking to by their OB yesterday for being super dehydrated and swollen (oopsie) After slamming a few gallons of water last night and this am I hopped on the scale and viola--> .6 lighter. Lesson? Drink your damn water it makes a difference

Maternity clothes: Interpreting 3 graduating ceremonies in the next few weeks required ducking into Motherhood, but that's about it.

Stretch marks: nada

Belly button in or out: It's out where I suspect it will remain for the duration

Sleep:  Better this week.  Literally fell asleep sitting straight up while watching tv more than once this week.  Work has been really busy lately and will continue to be for the next few weeks so I'm hoping it won't be an issue.  The hubs says I've been a ton of fun lately, I tell him I'm growing a fetus so back off ;)

Worst moment of the week:  two words --> pregnancy hormones.  Sometimes I would if I would react to situations the same way if I didn't have a gajillion (real number) hormones coursing through my body.  Either way it was a week chock full of emotions (rational or otherwise)

Best moment of the week: Mother's Day 5k, hands down the best run I've had in awhile.  This race is always chaos with over 2500 runners.  It has grown so large that I stopped doing it a few years ago because spending 3.1 miles dodging people who (god love them) don't understand pace is not my idea of a good time.  The only reason I decided to do it was because I had also run it pregnant with Harper so it was tradition :)  My intention was to find a nice spot in the back of the pack and jog my way through 3.1 leisurely miles but when the cannon went off darn it didn't I feel GOOD!! The sun was out (and way too frickin hot in my book) my running clothes were comfortable for once so I just went with it.  I had forgotten my ipod, which turned out to be a good thing because I needed every once of concentration to clipping someone or falling as I dodged hundreds of people.  
This may not be impressive to some but my watch showed 8:30's-9:15's after the first mile for the rest of the race and I assure you I haven't seen numbers that low in WEEKS.  I finished in a respectable 29:18 a full 3 min faster than when I ran the race pregnant with Harper and beating all my non pregnant friends (BOOM)

Miss anything: So many things, but that's to be expected when you've been pregnant for what feels like forever and still have 8 weeks or less to go.  Instead I'll choose something I'll miss when I'm NOT pregnant anymore....Bruce has been VERY VERY VERY active this week and feeling him move, dance, poke my ribs...bladder etc is probably the coolest feeling ever and something I will definitely miss.

Cravings:  Summertime weather has brought out the fruit and veggie craving full force.  Nightly bowls of cheerios & strawberries are still a must as well as cucumber sandwiches for lunch. Salad? Yes please.  This is probably a good thing considering my healthy weight gain these past few weeks.

Anything making you sick/queasy:  Nada

Looking forward to: My SIL Kim has been nice enough to organize a little celebration for Bruce this Saturday.  Because we bought gender neutral colors the first time around we have most everything we need. with the exception of a few items so we only asked for clothes.  EEE GADS we need help!!! I have not bought one single item for this poor child (not one I swear)!  I'm excited to spend an hour or two with some of my most favorite ladies :)

Running: Finished out the week with 17.5 miles!  

Different this time around: Oh the pelvic pain... If you remember a few weeks ago I was raving about the return of my ball chair...well, turns out that chair is not all it's cracked up to be, at least this time around anyway.  Over the past few weeks I started to notice that while sitting on the ball chair took care of the back pain I had been feeling, as soon as I would stand up there was a whole other problem.  After talking to our company's masseuse (yes we have one, yes he's amazing) and his guess is that pain I'm feeling is my pelvic bones being allowed to stretch because of sitting on the ball chair and when I stand up I'm asking those same bones/muscles to go back into their normal position (ouch believe me).  So it's either a regular chair and back pain or ball chair and lady part pain....I'll choose back pain thanks.

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