Tuesday, February 25, 2014

19 & 20 weeks and oh boy it's a BOY!!

It's a Two-fer this week! I wanted to wait until after our anatomy scan on Tuesday afternoon to do the 19 week update and then ooops the week got away from me.
How far along: 20 weeks 2days which prompts simultaneous thoughts of "Woo Hoo 1/2 way there!" and "Crap! 1/2 way there!"
Gender: Holy shit it's a boy!! From the beginning of the pregnancy I had very strong "boy" feelings (remember that prediction I told you I had written down and dated? It said Boy, I have witnesses) by the time my appt rolled around I had all but convinced myself I was having a little girl.  Another girl would have been totally fine with both of us although the thought of TWO teenage girls??? Ugh, how much is boarding school??
Within seconds of the scan starting the tech informed us that baby was sitting oh so comfortably in breech position which makes all aspects of a scan challenging ESPECIALLY finding out the gender (damn you kid!!)
45 min and multiple position changes later I was practically on my head and happened to cough....WHOOP! HE gave up the goods (boy did he ever, I'll spare you the tacky "look it's a penis" shot, take my word for it, it's a boy).  Shaun high fived me and let out a sigh of relief that the Breton name will no longer die on his watch! We are both thrilled and now just have to name the little bugger.  In the meantime we refer to him as "Bruce" yes like the shark in Nemo and said the same way "Bruuuuce".
Unforutnaely Bruce didn't feel like giving up ALL the goods and I am scheduled to go back next week to hopefully get the rest of the measuerments they couldn't get the first time and then again at 32 weeks due to my *cough* advanced maternal age *cough*. 
Weight: No clue, I think probably a solid lb
Maternity clothes:  I'm pretty stingy when it comes to spending clothes that I'm only going to wear for 10+ months but I have to say there is something to be said for shelling out a few extra dollars for quality clothes.  When I was pregnant with Harper Target and Motherhood were my go-to places and by the end of the pregnancy those clothes were BEAT!  I bought a few new items from Motherhood this time around (gave up on Target, their selection is crap) and have been really disappointed. I"m only 20 weeks in and they just can't hold up to being worn over and over and over while accomodating a growing belly.  I splurged on a few items from Gap....WHOA! Worth every penny.  Just my 2 cents.
Stretch marks: nope
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Like a champ
Worst moment of the week:  Unless my memory is failing me I don't think I had a "worst" in the past two weeks.  Life is good.
Best moment of the week: Obviously the gender scan was a highlight of the past two weeks
Miss anything:  Oh you know the normal--> pants with waist bands...getting up without grunting...a tastey beverage every now and again...sit ups?
Craving anything: The cucumber sandwich craving is BACK (which played a big part of me thinking girl again) as well as Grilled chicken greek salad from Cumberland House of Pizza.  Yummmmm
Anything making you sick or naseus?  NO!!!! Praise the lord NO!!!! I have not been sick in any way shape or form since my bout with the stomach flu two weeks ago.  I'm sure I just jinxed myself and will be reporting that I"m back to my pukey ways next week but the past two weeks have been AMAZING!
Looking forward to: Getting the nursery underway...
Anything differnt this time around: Let's just say I've had to invest in a few new bras...WHOA!
Weekly comparison:
Week 20

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