Tuesday, February 11, 2014

18 Weeks

How far along: 18 weeks 2 days

Gender: 1 week and counting until we solve that mystery

Weight: Still gaining back the weight I lost from the stomach flu last week

Maternity clothes: Picked up a few new things at Motherhood this weekend...still looking for an interpreting assignment that will allow me to wear athletic clothing to work everyday :)

Stretch marks: nada.  Keeping up with my daily regiment of lubing up although I've skipped the fancy lotions this time around, I'm not really convinced they do much of anything anyway.

Belly button in/out: still an innie 

Sleep: *knock on wood* no problems here...Harper's bronchilitis has reared it's ugly head again (we figured it would at some point) so I've had a few wake ups due to that but if left to my own devices I sleep like the dead.

Worst moment of the week: Realizing my 24 hour stomach flue was not exactly 24 hours....more like 72...blech. 

Best moment of the week: After a week of illness and no absolutely NO activity by Sunday I was FINALLY feeling better had a normal breakfast and went for a RUN! Ahhhhhhh! The roads are pretty treacherous around our house so I continued my love affair with Bad Larry. It was a glorious run even if it was only 4 miles :)

Miss anything:  My energy.  I keep waiting for the 2nd trimester Second wind to hit me.  Now that I have the flu behind me it should be any day right??

Cravings: Yup, this happened.  It was an itch that needed to be scratched and I will happily name the next dimple in my thigh in this donuts honor. Yum.

Anything making you sick/queasy:  I'm just sick of being sick.  Stomach flu aside I have been sick/nauseaus/vomiting  for the past 13 weeks.  I have tried the vitamin B6/unisom combo and it works wonders but I really resist taking it or anything else because I'm not sick every single day, it's random and sporadic.  Anywho wah me, keeping my eye on the prize

Looking forward to: More sledding this weekend with friends.  Harper scored a sweet super sonic snow tube from Bean's this weekend (and that child is a dare devil!!). Also looking forward to dinner Sunday with my favorite Machowski's and of course our anatomy scan next Tuesday.

Different this time around: As mentioned above I'm feeling a bit more lacking in the energy department than I remember at this point in the second trimester.  I have a toddler to chase this time around and can't just take a nap any old time I feel like it so I think it's to be expected.

Boy/Girl what's your pick??
 Harper: Morning sickness from weeks 6-10
               Clear skin
               Heartbeat ranged from 145-160
               Gained 8lbs
               Craved cheeseburgers, chips, fruit, veggies....no interest in sweets
               Chinese gender predictor said Boy
B2:   Severe morning sickness from weeks 6-18 weeks and counting
         Clear skin
         Heartbeat has ranged from 155-178
         Gained 6lbs
         Carrying low
         Headaches and lack of energy
         Craving everything under the sun.  Thai food, veggies, fruit, steak, all the carbs.  See above                    picture, sweets are not an issue this time around.  Well they are...but you know what I mean!
         Chinese gender predictor says Boy

Weekly comparison:


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  1. I said it before and I'll say it again...you look gorgeous! And my official vote is that B2 is a boy :)