Saturday, August 10, 2013

TWELVE (oh my god how did this happen so fast?) MONTHS

Age: 12 Months She's been moved into the toddler room at school which means she's officially a big girl
Weight & Length: 22lbs and 30" long, still growing out of her clothing faster than I care to spend $ on them…thank goodness for hand me downs :)

Favorite Activity: Climbing stairs…and she's fast!!! Turns out that Harper is quite the dare devil,  climbing stairs or going down the slide solo at daycare are no big thing so needless to say she's been keeping us on our toes!!  

Favorite Toy: Sadly Bubba the Bear has taken a backseat to Harper's new favorite toys--> Violet the talking dog (she cracks up every time Violet says "I love you Harper") and the new baby doll she got for her birthday.  

Favorite Book: No clear favorites this month, instead Harper has decided that she loves ALL the books.  We have book baskets in both her bedroom and the living room.  When she's exhausted herself from climbing stairs (or the gate has been put up, same same) she'll go sit by her basket and go through each and every book.  I'm hoping to turn her into a bookworm like I was :)

This month Harper learned:

* How to sign "Please" and "Thank you" on demand.  She hasn't mastered any signs to tell me exactly what she wants but at least she's polite about her whining haha.

* How to brush her teeth.  Now that we have 7 plus teeth we've introduced teeth brushing 2x daily into our routine.  I let her "brush" for a few minutes (which really is her sucking on the tooth brush or gagging herself by accident) before I take over.  She loves loves loves the toothbrush and our brushing sessions almost always result in her screaming to go back for more.  I guess I can't complain that she has good hygiene habits right?

* Birthdays are AWESOME!!! They come with balloons, and bounce houses, friends, sweet presents but best of all CAKE!!!!

Nana and Grampy Rick were visiting from Texas right before her birthday so lucky little lady had two birthday celebrations :)

This month mommy learned:

Shoot I don't know, it's been a whirlwind of a month between my mom visiting, Harper's first birthday, building a house and hosting bridal showers….it's all been a blur.  I do think next year Harper's birthday will be a more simple affair…I was so busy doing things at the party I don't feel like I really got a chance to enjoy the day with her. Lesson learned. 

Races:  I almost got talked into running a 9 mile trail run...errr death race up a Mtn (thanks Danielle) but luckily/unluckily when I went to sign up for it it was sold out.  For a race that I had to be talked into doing I was pretty bummed I didn't get to run it.  Maybe next year??  Next race is a 1/2 marathon the beginning of September.  It's not nearly as flat as the Rail Trail so if I can keep my finish time under 2 hours I will chalk that up as a success!
We do birthdays right in this house

Bounce House = worth.every.penny.
All the kids were entertained and parents got to relax…ahhhh

Harper and Miss Sarah…everyone should have a Miss Sarah <3

Grants Bakery…yummmm

Not so much of a fan of the cake the second time around.  It's ok…she'll learn

Harper on her actual birthday at daycare 

From this...


To this...

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  1. happy birthday (a little late) sweet sweet harper. this makes me want to cry as we are already headed into month 3, i know it goes by so fast! shes beautiful. and for what its worth... the race was amazing, ill definitely be doing it next year. and so will you! cant wait for henry and harper to have a play date :)