Friday, July 5, 2013

Stars and Stripes

(look at those thighs....I die)
I have been dreading the beach...
Sand, sun and an 11 mo old? No thanks.  All I could envision was Harper shoveling 
fist fulls of sand into her mouth and pooping out sandcastles for a week.
Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised :)

Sometimes I have good great ideas...ok Pinterest has the great ideas, I was just smart enough to actually use this one, and it was a gem!  
In prepping for our first trip to the beach I was trying to figure out how to 
be able to let Harper "play" in the water...enter Pinterest.  
We brought a cheap shower curtain from the Dollar Store, dug a hole, lined it with the curtain and filled with H2O--> VIOLA! Kiddie pool for one!  
No fewer than 10 moms with little ones stopped and said "Brilliant, totally stealing that"

Steal away (Thank you Pinterest!!)

Dunk in the ocean...she wasn't a big fan

Once we'd had our fill of the beach we went home and cleaned the sand out of all nooks and crannies we headed to the Eastern Prom to enjoy the festivities for a bit 

(Mom, seriously...this hair color is all you)

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  1. that is great! ive always said i would never take my kid to the beach because of the sand (ugh, more to clean up in my dog hair infested house!) but i also saw that idea on pinterest and think its a fabulous idea. glad to hear it worked!!