Friday, September 19, 2014

Miss me?

Hard to believe I have one more week of maternity leave left and then it's back to work I go! As they often say the days are long but the years are short…I found this to be true of my maternity leave as well.  So what the heck have I been up to over the last 11 weeks?

I went from this

To this
in just one short hour (more on that in the next post)

We celebrated Nana's birthday
(yes that's an entire cupcake in there…she is my daughter)

 and learned to play the bagpipes

We went to the clam festival
 and obviously loved the rides

We celebrated a special 2 year olds birthday

 (It only took us two days to put together…someone is very proud of himself)

 And daddy's birthday too

we went on many many many walks in our neighborhood to check out all the new construction

and maybe had an ice cream or two

 On hot days we pulled out our red neck swimming pool

 and daddy finally got to take his girl fishing

we even went to a wedding

there was dress up day at school

and I braved a bowling birthday party with both kids SOLO (wowza)

FINALLY got Harper's hair trimmed

                Hit up the playground more than once               

Shaun built a new sandbox and my inlaws  bought a new boat

Lots of construction in the neighborhood means fun things to play on

Gave chicken caesar salad a try and had Harper's 2 year check up

and of course we tended to our flowers

It's been a busy 11 weeks around the Breton household!
Where's Holden in all of these pictures? Why strapped to the photographer of course!!

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