Thursday, December 27, 2012

5 months

All dressed up for Christmas Eve mass! Aren't I pretty?

Age: 22 weeks (5 months)
Weight: 17 lbs...whoa nelly!
Length: not sure but she's busting out of her 6 mo clothes already!

Favorite toy: she's still loving the exersaucer  but she's madly in love with the laugh and learn puppy that Aunt Stacey and family bought her for Christmas 
Favorite activity: Good lord this child likes to talk.  I'm not sure why this surprises me exactly considering her genetics... When she's not exercising her vocal chords she loves a mean game of patty cake.   We're also working on perfecting our rolling skills.

Favorite book:  Her current favorite --> She cracks up every time I say "click clack MOO".  The only thing we asked for her for Christmas was books (our house is TOO SMALL for toys and she's too young to care!) so we have a stack about 30 deep to start working through!!! Future book nerd in the making!!

This month Harper discovered: Bananas!
I don't think she's quite sure what to think about all this food business yet, but she seems to be getting the hang of it. 
Races: (she is my daughter after all)   I had decided to not run with Harper at the Jingle Bell 5k (just so I could actually RUN, but quickly changed my mind when I saw how icy it was, I needed something to hold on to!
Here we are about to finish the race (and yes I barely beat the 8 year old)
Next race isn't until February and I will be running SOLO!

Looking forward to:  having a healthy baby!!! This is Harper's third bought with a cold/bronchiolitis in the past two months.  
LOVE daycare
HATE the germs

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