Monday, July 6, 2015

Birthday Eve

Dear Holden,

I'm so behind on my updates on you...unlike with your sister, where I diligently updated the web every month on what she was up to, I have been a complete and utter slacker when it comes to you.  Some say "second child syndrome"...I would contest that I'm much to busy loving and living with you to write about you <3

It feels like just yesterday that we found out we were pregnant
 and then
you were here and I couldn't imagine life before you.

 Since I last checked in you have grown to 21lbs and many inches (ugh sorry can't remember!)
You threw us a curve ball of an egg allergy (I swear it's karma paying me back for being irritated about a peanut allergy at daycare...I know I know I get it now I'm SOOOORRY!) and even had a little eye surgery just to mix things up a bit (we can skip doing that again mmm k thanks).
You're jibber jabbering up a storm, crawling with lighting speed and I'm pretty sure will be walking any day now.  The sun rises and sets on your big sister and she adores you too, even if the most frequently heard phrase out of her mouth is "OW! No thank you Holden!"

I'm not typically a sentimental mom.  Leaving behind bottles and pacifiers and accomplishing new things doesn't leave me in a puddle of tears, but I couldn't help get a little choked up as I laid you down tonight, your last night as my baby.

You laugh is infectious, your kisses the sweetest and that smile will get your forgiven for just about anything.  You're mostly your daddy with just a little bit of me which means we're in for some trouble!!
Happy Birthday Bubba! Here's to surviving year ONE!

Love  Mama <3

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