Monday, October 20, 2014

Holden 3 months

Age: 3.5 months
Weight: ?
Length: ?  (4 month check up on 11/4)

Favorite toy: Does his sister count?  He hasn't gotten the hang of toys just yet but I'm sure he will soon with Harpers help.  She likes to bring him things and put them in his hands although he could really care less, he just likes to laugh at her :)
Hanging out at daycare

Favorite activity: He likes sitting in his swing and will tolerate laying on his activity mat for a few minutes, but her really prefers to just sit and hang out with someone.  He has started really noticing people and if you give him a big silly grin you are guarenteed to get one in return. Oh and sleeping...this kid LOOOVES to sleep and this mama is not complaining ONE BIT!

Favorite book: This is so embarrasing.  The other day the hubs and I realized oh my god we don't read to him!! I mean he's in the room when we read to his sister but we've never just sat down and read to him.  How awful to be a second child....and yes I plan to correct this immediately.
FIrst day of daycare (don't mind my face, I was trying to get him to smile)

This month: Holden not only discovered his hands but also how to roll over.  Right after he did it I put him on his belly again and qued up the video on my phone to see if I could get it on tape (I did).  I immediately sent it to his daycare provider and said "Tell me right now and don't you dare lie, have you seen this before??" To which she replied "No way!! But we've been practicing! Go BRUCE!!" 
Like his sister he doesn't seem to enjoy tummy time AT ALL so I'm guessing that was his motivation to get moving. 

Races: Coming back to running after this pregnancy was significantly faster and easier than it was with Harper.  Finding time to train was a different story.   I ran my first few miles at 3.5 weeks post partum because I know body and knew that I could.  From there I set a lofty goal of running with my sister in law during her first half marathon in 8 short weeks.

For probably the first time ever I followed a training plan other than one given to me by my former coach. Long story short race day arrived and I did it and I felt great.  So great in fact that I thought I should run another one two weeks later, this time running my own race to see what I could really do. And that's when 13.1 miles reminded me not to get too big for my britches and humbled me over the course of the entire race.  No more races of significant distance for the rest of the year, if anything just a Turkey trot 5K :) 

See you next month!!

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