Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Time flies when you're changing diapers

Where have the past 16 weeks gone?? Feels like we just brought Harper home and then BOOM we have a 4mo old.  
I've really missed doing my weekly updates and thought maybe you missed them too....but let's be honest, no one cares how much I weigh, what races I'm doing, and what my mood is, you want to see the little peanut and hear what she's up to.
I won't bore you with the week to week updates but figure every month will do.  

16 Weeks
Age:  17 weeks 1 day
Weight: 15lbs 1oz (as you can tell from her progression of pictures we aren't starving her!)
Length: 25"

Favorite toy: hmmm it's a toss up between her long time favorite Jacques the Peacock and her new found love the excersaucer.
Favorite activity: Talking...talking...talking.  I have a feeling she's going to be a social butterfly like her daddy
Favorite book:  She hasn't really shown a preference yet but mommy LOVES the llama llama books!
This month Harper discovered: HER HANDS!! You'd think they were dipped in chocolate the way she tries to shove them both in her mouth at the same time.
Races: (she is my daughter after all)   E-race the stigma 5k.  The stroller division was fierce, and we managed to come in 7th overall.  Next up is the Jingle Bell 5k we'll be running with Auntie Kim.

Looking forward to:  Baby's first Thanksgiving!!! 

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